Monday, January 30, 2012

The One About Solids

It is only fitting that I talk about my For the Love of Solids swap item for Sew Modern Monday, as Megan is one of the creators of this fun swap!

I got my design idea from a piece of fabric printed from Spoonflower [I'll have to go through my design process later] and several iterations of a design later I had this:

People were really against green [poor unloved green] and so I switched my palette to a turquoise and teal scheme.

I made my own template, but forgot to add a seam allowance on the top, and that resulted in beautiful shapes with beautiful points that I showed a picture of here, but those points were chopped off as soon as I sewed the hexie units together. Very sad.

But I'm diligent [read: stubborn] and gave the template drawing another go. This time instead of cutting up all my fabric before I tested it out I used some scraps I don't like to ensure that it was going to turn out right. I should have done that the first time...

I'm sure that more prolific bloggers are more familiar with this, but when this worked out and I had beautiful points and it came together like I imagined in my head...I was giddy...unfortunately, my boyfriend could care less that I cut up a bunch of fabric to sew it into a different shape. Luckily I have you guys! 

 So here's my dilemma. Maybe someone can weigh in on this? The top picture shows a completed column of 4 hexies sewn together. If you refer back to the picture, you will see that there are columns of solid color [in my case gray not green] in between the columns of this shape. But they don't have the 1/2" finished white border. So, do I use my existing template to make gray hexies to nestle as shown, or do I attempt to make a new template that is the size of an entire column by tracing the sides [as indicated by the pink line]?

I think my shapes got a little warped when sewing, as hard as I tried to not pull at the fabric, so I'm not sure if that's going to hinder me...

Anyways, feel free to tell me your thoughts/opinions about my project and dilemma, or just tell me what you're having for dinner tonight and how long you've ignored doing laundry [oh, I think that last one is just me]! And hop over to Megan's to check out some of the other projects!


  1. hmm, i am not sure about the dilemma- if it were me, i would just go with the template i had, for the laziness reason! it looks beautiful so far.

  2. Poor green :( I LOVE green!

    This looks great! I would just go with the original template if it's easiest. If you're worried about pulling - have your tried using some starch on the fabric before cutting/piecing? That usually helps me out!

  3. Oh wow. This looks great. I'd, uh, stick with what's easy and on-hand and use your existing template. Can't wait to see the finish!


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