Thursday, January 26, 2012

Keeping myself accountable

Because we can't have a post with no pictures!
 In the spirit of actually wanting to accomplish my 2012 goals, I thought that near the end of each month I'd go through and see if I'd finished any of them in the past month.

To refresh, my goals were as follows:

Sewing and life goals for 2012:

  • Find a job that I love! Or just a job that pays me :) [already got leads and interviews under my belt for this!] Sadly, this is not happening as fast as I'd like...
  • Be ok with possibly having to move away from family and friends for that job. Mixed emotions on this, depending on the day.
  • Make a king-size quilt for my bed [got some design choices]. Purposely nothing on this until I am absolutely sure it is a design I love.
  • Get better at FMQ other than stippling. I've done no FMQ in the new year, only straight-line quilting.
  • Make some clothing [already have a dress pattern and the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern!] DONE! I made my Schoolhouse Tunic, and it was aaalmost perfect. Never fear, I've cut out the pieces for another one. I'm going to keep trying until I get it right! As for the Lisette dress, I haven't found a fabric I like for it yet.
  • Bake more. Not just desserts. Because I do that plenty. Breads and healthier stuff. I have made a concerted effort to do this! I've already made banana nut bread, and two loaves of beer bread. I've also made blueberry muffins from scratch, tried 4 or 5 new recipes, and made my own soup [that's where healthy comes in. I think]
  • Have a smoothie in the morning at least every other day [almost to this frequency!] And add things like spinach to them. Ok, no spinach yet. Although I have thrown tofu in my smoothies. And I've discovered that adding a banana to a berry smoothie adds a fantastic layer of flavor.
  • I'd love to learn to knit, but have tried many many times, and it hasn't clicked yet. Uh, I petted the yarn at Joann's the other day?
  • Purchase all new living room furniture. Yeah, until my first goal is complete this isn't happening.
  • Join a sewing bee [this is amusing, because almost every blogger that I've read has said they want to decrease the number of bees and swaps they're in. Makes room for me I guess!] Alright, I'm still scared. But I am in 2 swaps, and those are like baby bees, right? No? Oh. Darn.
  • Would absolutely love to be able to attend the Sewing Summit. And hopefully by October I'll get over fears of going somewhere to meet people that I've never met in person :) Obviously I can't have completed this yet :)
  • Project 366. I've become a lot more comfortable with just pulling out my phone and taking a picture, and the camera isn't half bad, so I'm hoping that a combo of phone and real camera photos will document 2012! It's been 24 days in the new year and I have taken at least 1 picture each day, and many days I have more than 1. Some days my pictures are super lame, like what I cooked for dinner that day [I don't do much, as I have no job, and I can't do much, as I have no money], or a pile of clean laundry as tall as me that needs to be folded. Still, someday I'll really enjoy knowing that 2012 started out lame, and only got better!
So I have fully completed 1 out of 12 [wow how awesome am I, that's like a goal a month AND I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE]. However, I'm counting the food and Project 366 as wins because I've done them consistently, although they are ongoing goals. So we'll say 3 out of 12 and call it a day. I'm pretty pleased!


  1. You are doing really well! I would love to hear your thoughts on the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern. I bought the fabric for mine on Tuesday!

  2. That's really cool. As for the Bee, you could try setting your own up?

  3. Yay! And January isn't even over yet ;) I want to go to the Sewing Summit - I forget which days it is but I don't think I can go!


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