How did you begin sewing?
My mother bought me a sewing machine and had it delivered to my doorstep when I was a sophomore in college. I taught myself to use it by reading the manual, Youtube, my roommate laughing at me cursing, and trial and error. I started a set of placemats, but they fell by the wayside when I got a full-time job in addition to school. I started quilting in earnest in June 2011 and started sewing clothing in January 2012.

What sewing machine do you use?
I just purchased a Viking Sapphire 835 and I love it so far!

Who are you in real life?
I work for an Orlando non-profit that runs gardening and nutrition programs with at-risk youth.

Where do you shop for fabric?
I do about 90% of my fabric-buying online, at whatever establishment that has the best deal/coupons at that moment. I have a LQS about 30 minutes away, but it is only 1/3 modern fabrics, so I don't frequent it. I do buy Kona solids at Joann.

Will you reply to my comment?
With the exception of giveaways, I reply to every comment 97% of the time.

How can I contact you?
Please feel free to email me at sewfestivehandmade [at] gmail [dot] com

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