Sunday, January 15, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the last few days]

My Girl Scout troop talked about goals for our cookie money - Buy some cookies and help troops near you!
Made cheese ravioli with spinach cream sauce [and I tried to sneak in some tomatoes] - yummy!
First go at interlocking stars - now I need some for me!
Made a mosaic for the next round of the Pillow Talk Swap
Boyfriend snuggling under his blanket, reading my Cosmo [haha!]
Favorite sweater - J.Lo brand at Kohls, crop, winter white, adorable buttons, wish I could knit!
Blueberry muffins from scratch that have the force. Even if it is evil ;)
Free afternoon spent at Starbucks stitching my champagne truffle and getting weird looks from other customers

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  1. I LOVE your interlocking stars! That's really funny about Starbucks - I was knitting today in Panera while waiting for a friend and I got a lot of weird looks too! (also, I really like this idea for a post :) )


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