Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sew happy it's Saturday ;)

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I've cut fabrics for a 16" Swoon. I've also decided I'm not really so much a fan of multiple Swoons together on a quilt. I know that's like the point of the pattern, but I do like the block, so it'll always be just one Swoon at a time for me. I bought that Children at Play floral because I thought I needed some girly prints that weren't so geometric. But I like geometric prints and I'm not into pink and girly. So I figured I'd use it for this so that the fabric doesn't feel unloved, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it when I'm finished. Valentines Day decoration? A gift? I haven't a clue. Also, that Silent Cinema print might be my favorite print!

Got my Pillow Talk swap partner last night and this morning I pulled fabrics. I'm fairly certain I won't use all of these, but I pulled them because they all work together so I can take away as I need to without having to worry about if they still all go. I have a couple ideas for this already and I'm excited to work with my favorite color palette [the swap mamas tried to match people up that way so that it would be a better experience, so hats off to them!]

My template for my solids project was off on one side, leaving no seam allowance and chopping off those points. We can't have that! So I drew a new template last night and re-cut all my fabrics. I'm not really sure what to do with all the pieces that are too short on the one side? 

Tonight I'm getting some beautiful uninterrupted sewing time since my boyfriend will be going out to dinner with his dad. I'm excited to turn on some good background TV [yes, there are certain shows that I consider good for just background listening] and sew away on some of these projects! :)

Are you getting some good sewing time in this weekend?

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  1. jealous! enjoy your saturday!! can't wait to see more of your solids project!


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