Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In a funk

I am in a sewing funk.

I rushed last week to finish up a swap package to send out, and doggedly sewed to finish my shirt. Leona was pleased with her package, and then of course there was the disaster with the shirt. I don't know if it's because of that, but I haven't had much desire to sew these past couple days.

In fact, I've been battling against a severe lethargy. For anyone who's new here, I just graduated in December with my master's degree. I didn't really work during the year that I was finishing it because I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship that included room and board money. So here I am, age 22, still looking much younger than that, with 2 degrees under my belt, looking for a job. I've applied for more jobs that I can count over the last couple months, but just began in earnest here in January now that I have an official transcript saying I'm done. I know these things take time, but I'm a person who has always been very busy [I worked full-time during my undergrad, so this past year with no real job has been hard enough on me] so I'm very bored most days while I wait for employers to respond to me. I apply for jobs, bake or cook, clean if needed, volunteer with Girl Scouts, but that's really it. You'd think I'd want to sew to alleviate the boredom, but I think I'm just sinking deeper into the funk.

Because of that, I only have progress on 1 WIP :(

My January Dessert of the Month -- the champagne truffle! I bought this natural colored linen at Joann's [but now I'm coveting Jeni's sparkly linen from Joann's!] and just picked out whatever DMC floss I thought would go in a champagne truffle.

How do I take pictures of these to accurately reflect the colors? Natural light wasn't doing it the other day.

And I don't even know if I like it [I think that's probably why they give you a color chart to follow haha]. I do like the pinky-peachy color, but the lighter color is a champagne floss mixed with a strand of a silvery-champagney metallic floss [that was HORRIBLE to work with] and I'm not sure if there's enough contrast for me to like it. I know that I didn't want the white and light pink, so maybe I'll do white and the peach.
They were out of black, so I'm going back today so that I can get it to finish the rest and see if I like it. I also don't plan on stitching the months out until the end, in case I just want all the cute desserts hanging out, but without the months listed. 

WIPs that have seen no progress:
-my friend's birthday quilt [her birthday is tomorrow...oops...I never planned on finishing on time, but still]
-another friend's quilt - this has no timeline, and she's commissioned it sort of. She's paying me in random presents throughout the year. Kind of fun, yes?

We just got our partners for the For The Love of Solids Swap, and I also signed up for The Pillow Talk Swap, so here's to hoping sewing frenzy strikes me again soon!

And please, go check out people who have actually accomplished things this past week :)

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  1. I have seen this cute little dessert of the month thing all over now, and I am envious of you x-stitchers! These look so cute, can't wait to see the rest.
    As for the funk...go clean?? ;-) Good luck with the job hunt, it took me a while after I graduated but I eventually got something, so try to take this time to relax before life get's busy again!


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