Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How is it Wednesday again?!

But seriously, how is it that another week has gone by!?

There's been a lot of progress around here lately. Including the ongoing WIP of my fitness level. By the time I got to college I was so tired from playing 2 or 3 sports a season that I started taking naps in between classes instead. So I've gone from being a varsity cross country runner and soccer player to being sad that I live on the 3rd floor. [Ok, so I'd be sad regardless about that...have you ever had to lug groceries up 3 flights of stairs? It sucks]

So today I went on an 8 mile bike ride. In the 80 degree weather that is Orlando right now. I had a great time!

And now, the sewing WIPs, because I know that nobody really cares whether I got my exercise today haha.

My tumbler table topper on the table for now, still unbound. I hope to get it done this weekend, or else I'm afraid it'll never get done!

Worked on my big item in the For The Love of Solids swap last night. I had to make my own template, so I used the cardboard that comes on the back of charm packs. I didn't realize until after I had already traced out one color that I was missing the seam allowance on the bottom, so I had to retrace some pieces. It should be interesting trying to piece this whole thing together though; it might require some partial seams.


The color options. As you can see in the top photo, the lighter pieces are Kona Ice Frappe. The design calls for very skinny borders on each side of the diamond shapes, like a half inch maximum. I originally planned for these borders to be the off-white color at the top, and then the space in between to be the gray. But gray makes the whole thing pop so much. Now I'm not sure if I should omit the skinny borders completely...

I joined the Made in Cherry QAL and chose this stack of fabrics. I don't want to just make the large star though. I want to put my own spin on it. So I've been drawing out ideas.

Other projects:
-Ruby pyramid quilt - no progress
-Charm quilt for a friend - don't have many fabrics in the requested color palette, and I have to wait a bit before I can buy more fabric
-2nd Schoolhouse Tunic - I'd really like to sew this in one sitting if possible this time, so I'm waiting until Thurs or Fri to tackle this

Go get your weekly wow's over at Lee's with all the other people who linked up their projects!

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