Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Today is a great day already!

My boyfriend just got a new job that pays substantially more than the job he was at. We went out to my favorite brunch spot to celebrate [yes, I got to choose the place :) ]. And I have afternoon plans to go get a free vanilla latte at Starbucks.

My sewing is going pretty well also! And that's the important part. Today I'm listing my projects in order of priority, as they all have deadlines.

1. Interlocking Stars quilt - This is a present for a friend whose bridal shower I'm attending on Saturday. I decided I wanted to make her a quilt a couple weeks ago, and originally was going to do double wedding rings with wide borders. But she's way more modern than that, so I settled on stars in a palette of blues, aquas, greens, and oranges. I need to finish the top today so that I can quilt it tomorrow and bind it Friday. Good thing I work great under pressure!

2. Tangerine Tango Challenge mini - This is completely done except for the binding, so really I need to just sit down and do it. I'm debating between an orange binding, or white, so that the minimal use of color really pops. The challenge ends March 2nd, and I want to submit my piece so I don't have to worry anymore about getting it done.

3. For the Love of Solids Swap - I talked about this a couple days ago, and have made no progress since then, because I got my Pillow Talk partner and had to play around with that. But I have been stitching on some mustache cross-stitch in case my partner is cheeky like me! So this pillow cover is going to be my big item, and then I need a small item, which I haven't entirely figured out yet. Or figured out at all. Maybe like a 12" mini? Hmm...

4. Pillow Talk Swap - The deadline for this is a couple days after the deadline for the solids swap. I was just so excited that the night I got my partner [at midnight!] I stayed up stalking and thinking of ideas. I had settled on the clamshell shape but had no idea what I wanted to do with it. And then. Voila. I got this design. I must admit, it has been easier to execute than I anticipated.

 These two practice clamshells were sewn with no pins. Next time I think I'll see what happens when I use pins. I'm just not a pinning type of girl, not really sure why. I'm sure it would improve my sewing accuracy, but I guess I'm just too impatient for that? Anyways, these measure about 5.5 inches at their widest point, so I won't have to sew too many of them to make a nice sized pillow. But I have no idea how to calculate how many I'll actually need, so I'm just going to make lots!
Maybe when I'm done you all would like to know how to make this design? I'm willing to share my methods and template if you're interested :)

So that makes 4 serious projects on my list. I'm also making a little Swoon mini, the new Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery dessert came out today, Moda Bake Shop announced their Sliced competition, and Ellison Lane Quilts is hosting a mini competition [for which I already have an idea that I'm excited about!]. So much going on :)

As always, check out what other people are up to at Lee's WIP Wednesday!


  1. Wow! That clamshell design for the Pillow Talk Swap is phenomenal! And a beautiful palette, to boot! And I totally hear you about not being a "pinning" girl, but on curved piecing I pin, pin, pin!

  2. Love the clamshell design! I can not imagine it's easier done than thought!


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