Thursday, February 23, 2012

A little bit of disappointment

So I think I finished my item that I was planning on entering in the Sliced competition.


It just doesn't look as good as I wanted it to. I was envisioning the word streamlined when I thought of it. And it just isn't.

Now, a normal person would probably take their design, and the couple issues from this attempt, and make a better version. But that's just not for me. I don't like to make the same thing over and over again [ooh, maybe I shouldn't be a quilter]. I think it's mainly because I don't even really need one of these items, much less two.

I know exactly what I would do if I were to do it over again, and I know that these things would help. But I was saving my Reunion charm pack for something fun for me, and I'll be darned if I use more of it on...

...a business card holder.

That's right, if that's what you guessed the other day then pat yourself on the back and bask in your glory. 

So now my dilemma is this: Do I want to submit something that I am less than pleased about into this contest? I pretty much decided that I have zero chance of being chosen for the contest after this fantastic submission was posted last night. Seriously, this lady is out of control...sweet paper piecing blocks and now this?! I've always thought that the quilty skillz were doled out unevenly, and here is proof! :)

But if I don't at least submit it then I made this for absolutely nothing. Bah!

Sorry about the claw thing that my hand is rockin' in this photo.

Any thoughts? What would you do if it were your project?


  1. O, I know that lady :) "out of control" is probably the best characteristics of her :)
    If I should be honest, I would not submit anything that I wasn't absolutely proud of... that is probably why I never take part in contests ;)))
    Your holder looks nice - at least in the pictures! Give it a chance ;)

  2. I think you should still definitely submit it. I had the same dilemma recently with another contest, but I submitted mine anyway. I definitely didn't win, but it was still fun! Plus I really, really like your project and still think you have a chance!


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