Sunday, February 5, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

YUM. It was the last carton at the store AND it was half off that day. 

  Turned a picture frame and dry erase marker into a little daily dose of love. 

 Surprise package in the mail from a friend! So sweet. I loveee dinosaurs. Rawr!

Sewed all of that and trimmed them in one day. It was a long day.

 Sewed blocks into 9 patches first, and it helped tremendously with matching seams!

 Went to a 'Mad Hatter' bridal shower and made a tiny "fascinator" that I connected to a headband. That's made out of a paper mache pot, felt, ribbon, lace, and a hair clip, all for under $3 :) It was tiny and adorable on my head.

That plant is alive. For now. I want to keep it alive to keep me company while I sew. I'm notoriously bad with plants though...

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  1. mmmmm Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream!! Speaking of Girl Scout are they??


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