Friday, February 24, 2012

Finally some finishes!

Yesterday I sewed up a storm. I don't even think that I sewed for too long, but I must have been super efficient and productive with my time, because I got several things done.

First, my business card holder for Sliced, of course. You can read all about my dilemma in yesterday's post.

Then I finished up my Tangerine Tango challenge mini. It only needed binding, but had languished for several weeks. First because I don't enjoy binding, and secondly because I finally decided on a white binding and then promptly ran out of white. That's always how it works, huh?

These were the two ideas that I had instantly upon thinking about this challenge. And they just wouldn't go away. I couldn't have made something else even if I wanted to. I like thinking about both sides as the two part to a story. The front is tangerine and turquoise at odds with each other, a battle of sorts. The back, with its nod to the Venn Diagram [and I thought I'd never use that in my adult life...], celebrates the harmony that can be achieved when they're used together. So lame, right? Haha. Still, it was fun!

I had to really think about the quilting since there's so much negative space that had such quilting potential. In the end, I like the straight-line quilting because I think it reminds me of cartoons/anime when the characters are about to battle and there's all those harried motion lines. But if I had realized I was going to do straight-line quilting I wouldn't have made the orange pieces wonky, because that meant I had to alter my echo lines a little bit on that side of the quilt. 

So I've put this in the official entries thread in the Flickr group, and anxiously await the opinion of the judges! :)

And finally, just for funsies last night I decorated a flour sack dish towel. I got the Monaluna toast fabric at the LQS at 50% off, so I bought half a yard, despite that I don't know when I would ever use it in a quilt. But it's SO cute! So I just did simple strips of the fabric on this towel, but have another bigger towel set up for some patchwork with fussy cut toasters. A single towel from the package yielded one traditional size dish towel, and another smaller one. So yay!

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Amylouwho to celebrate my finishes this week. Go cheer everyone else on :)


  1. Love the toasters! I totally didn't realize that your tangerine tango blocks were front and back, I thought they were two separate items, lol. It turned out great!

  2. Very cute! So much fun fabric!!

  3. Good for you for participating in the Sliced challenge. It's interesting to see how folks are incorporating the buckle. I love it! Thanks for sharing :-)

  4. Very cute card holder! It looks difficult.

  5. Love the business card holder and the dish towels are too cute! Unfortunately, the pictures for the Tango mini didn't show up for me, other than the closeup, but it sounds great! I'll have to go find the challenge pics at Flickr. Love hearing where your inspirations come from... Congrats on a productive week!


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