Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday - The Leap Year Version

Still playing with my Pillow Talk clamshells. Probably won't sew them together for a few days. I'm letting them marinate.

I've had my design for the Modern Mini Challenge all drawn up for about a week, but today I picked out my fabrics. I'll be using these 16 fabrics in quadrants just like this. And yes, my design involves curves. I'd actually love to make it scrappier than it will end up being, but I don't have enough different fabrics in the shades of the colors to do that. Here's to hoping it turns out like I want it to!

Joann's finally got black embroidery floss in stock, hallelujah! They hadn't had any in over a month [I go every week, and believe you me, I complained every time. To be out of black for that long? Seriously?]. So I finally wound all the floss onto these cards and ring. These are just the colors I've been using [and anticipating using] for my mustache cross stitch and my Dessert of the Month. I can finally put eyes and faces on those little cuties! It's so weird that cupcakes and truffles can stare at you accusingly without even having eyes...

Happy Leap Year! Since there's an extra day this year, why not put off obligations for a little browsing the other WIPs over at Lee's! ;)


  1. Cool clam shells. Those'll be really, really neat.

  2. Those fabrics all look great together. Can't wait to see the clamshells sewn together! My Joanns is always out of bright white - go figure!


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