Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Have you heard about the Sliced competition? It's being held by the ladies at the Moda Bakeshop.

I know I briefly mentioned it when I touched on the fact that so much exciting stuff has already happened in the online quilting world post-holidays, and my brain was feeling a little frazzled.

Well, I really really wanted to enter the competition! First because I love Chopped, which the competition is based off. I'm a pretty good cook [although a much much better baker than anything savory] and make up my own recipes here and there, so Chopped is forever inspirational to me. At the same time, I usually watch the show after midnight, and it makes me hungry, so that's no good haha.

Auditions for Sliced go until the end of this month, February 29th. You just have to follow the rules and include all the "basket" items, and post your finished item in the Flickr group. The four contestants who are chosen will then have a new challenge once a week for three weeks, with 5 days to complete their item and post it to the Flickr group.

So for the auditions it has to be an item for the office or studio, and the basket items are: Moda precut, batting, and a buckle. All the remaining fabric also has to be Moda, of course.

A buckle. A buckle?!

That was what was really throwing me off. Like. A lot. I think I focused on that buckle too much instead of just brainstorming tons of ideas and seeing if I could work a buckle in. Someone asked in the Flickr threads if the buckle had to be functional, and it didn't, but I like an extra challenge and didn't want to just throw a buckle on something with no purpose.

For the longest time only 1 person had entered anything, and I thought her idea was so simple and creative: a book holder-opener-thingy [um, I think that's probably what it's called].

Several more people have entered in the last couple days, but there's going to be 4 people chosen, and every one of those four gets at least some prizes [although the grand prize is LEGIT!]

My 2nd favorite is this entry, which used overall buckle/fastener doodads [again, very technical] in her wall caddy/organizer. Ingenious. I personally have been scouting any buckle around my house that I could cannibalize for this project.

But yesterday I worked up a drawing and today I started making it happen.

Any guesses for what it might be? :)

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