Monday, February 6, 2012

The good, the bad, and the Girl Scout cookie

The good:

I spent all weekend devouring posts at HomeSweet's blog [the reason for doing nothing but blog-reading is discussed below]. The owner/designer of the company is a woman who just started her business so that she would eventually have enough income to stay home with her son. That is a goal that I'm sure many crafters out there wish for. I don't have kids, but hey, I can appreciate working from home in my pajamas! [although I'm sure that's not what this woman does]

Anyways, it's a block printing business. I've wanted to dabble in printing on my own fabric, but just can't justify buying new things right now. So I'm living vicariously through the internet right now, and I LOVE her designs.

Image directly from her shop

So anyways, I read all her posts. All of them. Dating back to 2008. I enjoyed every second of it. If you like graphic prints, and enjoy reading about the start of a business all the way until it becomes successful, take a look.

The bad:

That quilt I had to finish for Saturday? I didn't finish. I was thwarted by fate. Or karma. Or maybe it was none of those and it was just the stomach bug that I had that had nothing to do with the universe or a past life or my procrastination. It was just super unfortunate timing that I was struck down on Friday. I had everything basted and ready to go. I took a break for some food on Friday and then BAM

Needless to say, I still tried to quilt it. I did. But if any of you have ever tried to quilt when sick...I just didn't have the strength necessary to maneuver the quilt for the stippling I was doing. I got up at 6:30 Saturday morning to try again, but was still too weak, ended up trying to eat something [and failing, but I won't share those icky details], and then going back to bed. I did manage to suck it up enough to go to the bridal shower [it was a tea party, which incidentally enough, is excellent when you're sick], where I brought along the unfinished quilt, wrapped up all nice. My card read: "You're almost married, so your present is almost finished." Everyone loved it [her grandma even came over to talk to me about quilting], and I'm finishing it up to give it to the bride tomorrow. Which is when I'll share the serendipitous result of getting sick and not finishing on time. 

The Girl Scout cookie:

About 1/3 of the cases I picked up
All 936 boxes of them. They need no explanation.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some cookie-eating chores to attend to.

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