Saturday, February 18, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

 The boyfriend took me to a really nice steakhouse for date night. The French Onion soup was delish!

 Prototype crafting for a Girl Scout meeting with my favorite type of tea at my side.

 Beautiful Valentine's flowers. I don't like roses really at all; I'd rather have beautiful bouquets like this. And because I snagged a great guy, he also secretly delivered flowers and chocolates to my little sister at her high school. She was a hit with her friends with her "secret admirer".

 Finished my cross stitch pattern, loved it, and super loved the picture I took.

 Had 3 cookie booths already this week. It's exhausting corralling them and convincing them to behave but still be outgoing enough to ask people, but the girls are adorable nonetheless, and we've already sold 838 boxes :)

Ok, not the best picture, it was a long day and then we met friends at a bar. Also, we're the palest people in Florida [this has a tint on it, so think of us as more Casper-like]! Still, we don't get very many pictures together, so I'll take it :)

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  1. Yum French Onion Soup. Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetheart, what a kind thing to do! The two of you look wonderful together (I know what you mean about being casper-like, I'm about to hit my third winter in a row)


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