Friday, November 4, 2011

So much sewing, and not enough time for blogging. Or sleeping!

As I've mentioned before, my younger sister takes all my nice photos for me, as she has a nice camera and more patience. So every couple weeks I gather up everything I've made and head on over to my parents' house. I eat all their food and generally remind them how nice it is to only have one child left at home [there are 3 of us total].

My family has a beautiful backyard, with many great spots to use for picture-taking, but here's Robyn, working so hard to deliver the kind of photo I asked for. She was so busy contorting her body to hold pillows at the angle she wanted that she didn't even notice me taking a picture of my own :)

And on a related note....

My first Farmer's Wife block! I bought the book a couple months ago with the intention of enjoying the letters and blocks, not necessarily of joining the quilt-along. However. People's blocks are so pretty! I especially love Angela's over at Fussy Cut! I don't have time to make these blocks for fun right now, but I wanted to give it a whirl, so I printed out the templates for #18, Century of Progress, which is one of my favorites.

My first time making anything with a template, and you can see my center points don't match up exactly, but I am ecstatic about the colors. I also added the borders to make it an 8" square. I'm going to add a button and turn this into a hotpad, but I also think I'll make another one just like this and make it into a pillow, because these are the colors of the university right down the road. Hopefully that will appeal to some college students at my craft fair!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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