Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The one with the faux fireplace

I built this fake fireplace with my dad last week. I have had a vision of my booth at the craft fair since I submitted my example pieces and the fireplace was a really big part of that vision.

Living in Florida can make it really difficult sometimes at the holidays. I wore shorts today and its only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving, so it's hard to get into the holiday spirit without the right weather. Since about 1/3 of the things I'm selling at my craft fair are Christmas/winter, and it has historically been hot on the day of the fair [and its outside] I wanted something to set the mood. Add in the fact that I have several pairs of stockings that I've made and I knew it had to happen!

So I called up my dad and I know that he was tickled to still be needed for something. The decision of materials to use was the most elaborate part of the process, mainly because my dad is extremely detail-oriented, and I tend to just want to jump in and figure it all out as I go [to be honest, that method usually does not work out well for me haha].

The total cost of this was about $50. That includes the sheet of plywood that everything is mounted on, the linoleum tiles, paint, and the actual columns and mantle. Totally not bad for someone who might actually want to have one of these in their house.

And then this is a small sneak peek into the practice run that I did of the set up of my booth. I'll be taking pictures of the real deal on Saturday and put those up too :)

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  1. I wanted to say that this is a very attractive piece for your booth and you must use it everytime, especially when you are selling stockings and such. Very nice display I must say.


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