Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday #4 - The Sadly-Not-All-About-Fabric Edition

First off, earlier today I read on a blog that there's only 37 days until Christmas?

Um, what?!

I usually forget all about the time aspect of now until Christmas until it pops up on someone's blog and then it's like a little slap in the face.

Unfortunately for me, this year Christmas also comes hand-in-hand with the end of the school semester. Ok ok, that shouldn't surprise me because it's always like this. But as a grad student that also means in between sewing marathons I have papers. Boo, papers! But hey, in exactly one month from today, I walk across a stage. Again.

Does anyone else think graduations are actually really boring?

So today's big WIP is this: A paper on the effect of police officer race and education on police-citizen interactions [my degree is criminal justice]

Ok, that's the scariest thing I hope to ever have to put on my blog. Enough with academia, on to sewing!

In progress:
-Savvy Seasons swap - sooo excited for this one, but I was waiting to get through the craft fair before I started on anything. I want to make a block that sort of looks like the Century of Progress pillow below, but more points somehow. I plan to sit down tonight with a pencil and paper and see what happens!

-Birthday quilt - my friend's birthday is at the end of January, but I don't want to put it off. I'm thinking blue and white with a single pop of orange [we're Gator alumni here! :) ], so that it can be sophisticated fandom, and not in your face about our school spirit. Tumblers, 1000 pyramids, or a cross quilt. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy one of these guys to help me achieve this...


-My first ever quilt using Countdown to Christmas Charm Packs - this is when I decided to really start quilting and I was totally making it up as I went along. I haven't finished it because I started making stuff for other people, and I got much better at quilting/sewing, and now I realized that this has so many mistakes and it's so small. But still, I want to finish it! It just needs some more quilting and then binding :)

Tomorrow I'll be sharing some more finished projects that I haven't gotten around to sharing, but for today go check out other people's projects that are probably a lot more exciting than mine!

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  1. Your Christmas quilt is great, Rebecca! And your pillow is adorable. Good luck on the papers!


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