Saturday, November 26, 2011

Homemade Holidays To-Do List

Source: This lovely website has cool holiday ideas too!
  1. Scarf for my little sister [that I had already planned on making her, and fortuitously she put scarves on her Christmas list...the Heirloom voile is in the mail as we speak!]
  2. Scarf for my boyfriend's grandmother [she likes to wear these Bose headphones that block out at Panera...she's lots of fun!]
  3. Nook case for my dad...if he gets a Nook...I'm trying to wrangle that information out of my mother.
  4. Kindle case for my boyfriend's grandfather [he actually already has the Kindle so this is a definite. and because I am full of the Christmas spirit, I am even willing to make it in his alma mater's colors, despite the fact that it is my alma mater's huge rival. that's love]
  5. Tree skirt for myself - do I want a SuperSwoon or a Kansas City Star or something else? I plan on getting my tree on Monday, so um, it might be a little breezy down south for a bit.
  6. Stockings for my sister - I promised her a set of stockings months ago, and while she might have forgotten, I haven't, so I guess that means I still have to make them, right?
  7. Two Christmas pillows - my parents requested some pillow covers for these oddly-shaped autumn pillows that they have. Ok, actually my dad told my mom that he didn't want to have to buy Christmas pillows when they have me around to repurpose these autumn pillows. I know, right, you can feel the love huh?
  8. Christmas quilt - I want to take all the quilting out and make it bigger, so that it can actually be useful. That's not really on a deadline, but it would be nice if it happened.
  9. Tunic - I think I want to make a tunic for my mom. She's extremely difficult to shop for, and that should totally scare me away from wanting to make a shirt for her, but I guess I've lost my marbles. She likes the tunic look with leggings or skinny jeans, but hasn't quite mastered it yet, so being able to make a shirt would allow me to make it so she would feel more comfortable in that style. We shall see.
  10. Baking - Obviously not sewing related, but just as handmade. I am known for an extravaganza of baked goods and candies, and package them with most of my gifts. I have old favorites, but always try a few new recipes each year; must get to choosing!
There we have it. Not long at all. And there are some things I might make for extras to have on hand for parties I might attend and have to bring a hostess gift. I feel like this list is very manageable. Go me.
Of course, talk to me after Christmas and see if it all really happened. I'm going to try though!

...famous last words...

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  1. how very your list.
    you'll get it done.... i have faith!!!


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