Monday, November 7, 2011

A day for binding

I just finished up 2 pillows [which will be for show and tell on another day!] and am taking a much-needed five minute break to eat a giant marshmallow. Which, by the way, you should definitely check them out next time at the store. It doesn't seem like they're too much bigger than the regular ones, and then you realize you're holding it and chomping it just like you would an apple.


Today I made binding en masse. This is for a quilt and some potholders and some wall hangings. And actually, I just cut up the entire yard for the striped fabric, because I know it will definitely get used on various things, despite the fact that I did not measure how much binding I needed for that quilt.

Ah, yes, this quilt. That's my favorite panel of them all. He's so cute. The Grinch.

Is it Christmas yet?

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