Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eeee! Help me!

I'm having a bit of a difficulty with my swap item for the Savvy Seasons swap over on Flickr. As I'm 99.9% certain my partner will not be reading this, I'll reveal a bit of info in the hope that someone on the Interwebz can help me.

My partner did not ask for a Christmas item [as we were allowed to pick a season/holiday]. First, that makes it a little more obvious which item might be for her, as the majority of people chose Christmas/winter. Also, she chose a very specific shade in the color scheme that she provided. I tried to get as close as I could in the possible fabric choices that I posted.

I drew out this set of designs and posted it in the group and asked for input. The colors are not representative of what I'll be using; it was more of whatever markers I could find...

Then I posted this picture of some fabric I pulled, not necessarily to all go together, but as options within the color group. Luckily, all of these could potentially be used for people who asked for Christmas stuff, so that should throw everyone off the scent a little haha.

Ok, so here's the dilemma.
I went to a sale at my LQS yesterday and happened to pick up some Kona in the EXACT shade that my partner mentioned in her sign-up form. Or rather, Robert Kaufman thinks its the exact shade, as they named it that particular color. And it is not the same color in the slightest as the reds pictured here. So, do I use the Kona solid I got, which would make it absolutely not Christmas-y and more obvious that it was for her, or do I use some of the fabrics in the picture, which she commented on and picked out the options that she liked?

My 2nd option was to make something of each color set, so she gets something she likes regardless? But I'm more of a single "wow" piece and other little things, so I want to make the big item something that she will love.

I didn't have this problem with my last swap, so now I just do not know what to do...
If anyone out there is listening to my babble, I'd love to hear some input!

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  1. i would suggest you use the fabrics she chose.


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