Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mustchache Mini Twins

I've never sewed something twice. Well, I've sewed the same seam many times when I mess up, but I've never duplicated a completed project. Until now.

Someone contacted me a few weeks ago and requested that I make another mustache mini. I said sure!

Cutting out 1.5 inch squares doesn't really make a dent in my scraps. I tried to use the same fabrics that were in my original, but this time I actually had enough purple scraps for that color to make a fair showing! There are 104 different fabric squares in this tiny little mini.


This was the 4th time cross-stitching my fabric? must.stash pattern, and I've almost got it memorized, so that's fun.

I love the back, and plan to make a pillow with the one remaining strip of that Washi tape fabric that I have.

I added hanging pockets in the top corners, so the customer can insert a dowel rod if she'd like. Also, for the first time EVER I hand-sewed the binding down. Ok, I've done it on a pillow before too, but seriously, it took me as long to do this itty bitty quilt as it would be to machine quilt a generous throw size. While I was stitching I decided that I don't enjoy that kind of hand-work. It reminds me of why I always ran cross-country and not track...I hated running around that stupid oval track. I'd rather have some changes in scenery! I enjoy embroidery and cross-stitching and hexies because it's a different pattern or fabric each time. Binding...yuck.

And here it is with the original. I'm glad I went subdued with the binding, as it doesn't take away from the colorful squares!

This little mini is in the mail, headed to someone that I hope will enjoy it as  much as I enjoy mine :)

There are now several custom mini listing in my Etsy shop if you're interested in getting one for your own fabric stash!

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  1. Very very cute!! No wonder you're getting requests! Love it!!

  2. very cute! I love all the bright tiny squares.

  3. What a cute creative idea! Love it!

  4. Love it! You should do a tutorial on how to put pockets on the back!

  5. That's so awesome! I love that mini! =D

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. Feel free to stop by and enter (if you haven't already) =D

  6. These are so cute, I love them! You should open a shop (unless you have one already and I missed it) and sell them. I'd totally buy one! Adorable, and so well done.

  7. Colorful patchwork is my favorite thing in the quilting world, so naturally I'm in love with what you've done!

  8. ohmygoodness, this is awesome. it must have taken you forever!

  9. Very cute pattern and love what you did with it with all the squares!

  10. It's mine AND I LOVE IT! I have been so busy this summer that I haven't had time to properly squee about how wonderful my mini is! Love it :-)


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