Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Giveaway winner and opinions please

Drum roll please...

The winner of the Christmas in July mini supply giveaway is...

*Because I gave 2 entries to those who blogged about it, but I didn't ask for them to comment 2 times, I added those extra entries in. That's why there aren't 79 comments listed on the post, but with the extra entries in there are 79 entries :)

 And that ended up being Stephanie! She just made a super super cute 241 Tote. Go check it out!
Stephanie, I emailed you!

...And now pretend there was some nice and easy transition into this next part...

I need some opinions.

I'm about to start a project that has a deadline at the end of June. It's a small project; I have no desire to repeat a 25-hour quilt again so soon. The project is a remake of a past project of mine, but I have to make it in a different color palette.

How vague am I being right now?! Aggravating, I know. Bear with me.

This is the direction I was given: "celebration of pageantry, royalty and the Olympics etc and the images they evoke. [...] Perhaps purples for royalty, or jewel tones, or even red, white and blue.."


These are the bundles I came up with:

 Jewel tones. Although I already know that I need to restock my turquoise options, so I'd add a couple more of those.

Obviously this is red/white/blue. But I didn't want it to be scream in your face Americana [and is it even supposed to be Americana? ::secretive face::], so I added in some grays/black and white prints/corals.

The item will be a pillow, so what are your thoughts? What color scheme would you pick? Remember, it needs to go with the quote up there in terms of what the "client" is looking for.

Oh, and I promise I'll never be vague again. Until the next time I'm not allowed to reveal something fully.


  1. Just based on color, I prefer the jewel tones. I think it could have a royal feel, especially with more teal fabrics (I'm thinking emeralds = royalty). But I guess if I'm thinking Olympics, I think the red/white/blue stacks feels more like that - but it feels patriotic, not really royal.

  2. When I hear that quote I think of really dark navy blues and bright reds and whites, so I think I'd have to vote for bundle #2. But that's probably because I'm imagining beauty pageants and British royalty, which all scream "red white & blue" to me. When I think of the Olympics I think of solids. Oh, and yay! Thanks for the giveaway! I'm excited to get my loot!!!

  3. I think i'd go with the jewel tones for a "regal" look - purple used to be a color of royalty, so mixing it with the magentas and turquoises i think would be the way to do.. olympics throws me though, that isn't jewel tones to me -- but the red white and blie bundle - lovely as it may be, yells fourth of july and patriotic.. so either way.. great choices, just depends which avenue the customer wants :)

  4. Based on the colors, I'd go with the jewel tones..
    But it's tough because she kinda asked for two different things. Royalty/pagentry/jewel tones don't go with red/white/blue (to me anyway)..

    If you want go with the Olympics, then go with the red/white/blue.

  5. I like the jewel tone one as well. As for the Olympics, what about a yellow or gold color fabric, for the medels? The Olympics ring colors are blue, yellow, black, green and red.

  6. Sounds like they know what they want, but don't know how to articulate it particularly well! :)

    I agree with everyone else-- you've made great bundles, but each request suggestion seems to be a pretty separate thing. Maybe the pattern would help? If you were, for instance, going with a British feel, maybe you could do a take on a Union Jack, but with the jewel tones.

  7. I'd go the first bundle it seems much more regal/royal rather than 4th of July.


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