Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A 25 hour quilt. Ish.

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So yesterday I shared the story surrounding my friend's wedding quilt. And today I promised you the process. Now, just a warning, if you get stressed by time deadlines, you might want to avert your eyes from this post. Also, I swear I'm not normally like this, but the universe just did not smile on me making this quilt!

Sometime in January I decided I wanted to make a quilt for my friend Rachael for a wedding present. Her wedding isn't until July, so I thought I'd take my time and get to it later in the year.

On May 1st [the day I moved into my new place] I got the invitation to her bridal shower [on May 20th] and decided I wanted to give the quilt to her then so I could see her open it. I'd make it in her wedding colors of blue and gray with a pop of yellow.

May 3rd-5th I chaperoned a conference for my sister's high school newspaper, and took my blue fabric with  me to start cutting out the pieces. Except I forgot the templates. No cutting took place.

The rest of May was a whirlwind and I was incredibly busy, and barely got my sewing room up and going and my house in order. Which brings us to...

Thursday May 17th:

Finally perfected my enlarged templates [#18 Century of Progress block from Farmer's Wife Quilt]. Or so I thought.

Friday May 18th:
Cutting, cutting, cutting. Cutting all my previously cut pieces smaller. Way to go, Rebecca >.<
Ran to my LQS [30 min drive] to get whatever true blue fabrics I could find and hopefully a light gray. I ended up with a Moda Bella gray of some sort.
More cutting. Seriously. I got a blister. It was all cut by hand after I traced my templates.

Sewed together a couple of pieces and realized my templates were off, but if I sewed 3/8" seams then they were good to go. This should have been foreshadowing.

Saturday May 19th:

This is what I had at noon. I had 25 hours before I had to leave for the shower. Ready, set, go!

4 pm: Realized that I wanted it to be bigger than 3x4 blocks, and so I needed 5 more blocks.

 6 pm: Went to Joann's to buy all the blue DS Quilts prints that they had that were blue and white. Also refueled on caffeine. Note: thousands of teddy grahams gave their lives during the making of this quilt.

 7 pm: Throwing possible backing fabrics on the ground. Thinking I should have just bought a sheet for the back.

 8 pm: Stephen walked in the room and said I needed to get rid of the rockets in the bottom middle because it was the only block with colorful blue fabric [since when does he give quilt input?!]. I replaced it with the only blue and white fabric I hadn't used, a Riley Blake chevron.

9 pm: The backs looked pretty good considering I was sewing as fast as I possibly could.

6 am on Sunday: I don't really liked colored borders, and I had just enough white to make the quilt about 5 inches bigger on each side.

 7 am: Backing is pieced, and quilt is basted. Stephen even offered to help, because he had just gotten home from work. I was astounded once again, but really appreciative. Basting was [I thought] so much easier on this longer carpet! It was so smooth and nice!

11:45 am: FINISHED. 1 hour and 15 minutes early. Long enough for me to stick it in the washer and dryer, for me to take a shower, and then to take pictures of the quilt. It was a quilty miracle.

There was really only one moment when it was tragic. When I realized my basting on the back got messed up. I blame this partly on being very tired because I didn't re-check the backing when I was done basting. And then didn't realize it was bubbly/puckered until I was DONE quilting. I didn't have any option but to go with it, because I had no time left. After I washed it it got a little better, but there are still spots like this fold that makes me so sad.

24 pieces per block x 20 blocks = 480 pieces.
That's 480 hand-traced and hand-cut pieces. Plus sewing the blocks together. Plus the borders. 500 seams.
Approx. 60x70" finished.
The majority of it [everything except those first 6 blocks] was done over a 25 hour period. I was awake a total of 32 hours from Saturday morning to Sunday evening.

After the shower, I went home and slept for 14 hours.

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  1. Wowza! Good for you, it's beautiful.

  2. Wow you sound like you were sewing like a crazy person! I can just imagine you charging into the shops. throwing fabrics left right and center into a basket, hurling money at the cashier then leaving for the next stage =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D


  3. WOW! seriously that baby pucker is your only qualm in a 25 hour quilt! damn girl I'm impressed - its absolutely gorgeous, where did you say the template was from? an enlarged version of a farmers square?

  4. Wow - you did it! That's completely nuts. It really it gorgeous! They probably won't even notice the spot on the back - I always worry about those things too and my fiance goes, I didn't see it, they won't either. Lol.

  5. Holy crap ! What a story ! I can just imagine you running around like a crazy person trying to finish this on time..
    I'm sure that tiny tiny pucker won't even be noticed ! It's gorgeous :)

  6. WOW!!!! if I had half or ur energy I would love it! It turned out awesome and those small crinkles in the back? They only give the quilt a bit of character imo. And a reminder that it was made in a very short period of time. Well done!

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. You did such a beautiful job!

  8. Talk about dedication! This is impressive, and it looks gorgeous!!

  9. OoooOOoohhhh, I am absolutely swooning over here over this quilt. It's so gorgeous! I gotta pin this one. So, so pretty. :)

  10. I'm planning to make a wedding quilt for a friend this summer too! Wedding colors of gray and yellow. The wedding isn't until the end of July and I'm planning to start next week, but unlike you, I am definitely a last-minute person, so I'm sure I'll leave something about it to the last minute just to keep myself frazzled. :)

  11. Great quilt!
    I need to find the templates for this wonderful quilt. Did you create them yourself or are they available commercially?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Oh, thank you for the quick template reply --- I will put pen to paper and create one!


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