Sunday, May 27, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things [from the past week]

 Pieces from a Riley Blake panel that I think should probably get made into simple pillows here soon.

 Was never allowed to have unhealthy cereal when I was younger, so Froot Loops are a guilty pleasure.

 A sundress for my younger sister's graduation has been in the works. More on Sartorial Saturday!

 The night I sat under a blanket and did some simple embroidery. So relaxing :)

My older sister's middle school classroom. Kids these days!


  1. Such great fabric on the blocks!
    Oh my un-healthy cereal..bad times get some fruit =P
    interesting fabric choice for the dress. How much embroidery are you planning to do ?
    Those chair desks look very uncomfortable to sit in/at =D

  2. I need to try that embroidery you suggested (I saw your other post, too). Love, love love what you are doing! Also, looking forward to seeing the dress :)


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