Friday, May 4, 2012

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

I'm alive.
I'm sort of still alive.
I could actually use some sleep to be more alive.

These are the reasons for my current desire to mainline caffeine:

Monday - frantic rush to finalize everything for moving. My parents made us the first home-cooked meal we had in about 10 days, thank goodness.

Tuesday -

It took us 2 loads in a U-Haul and about 10 hours total of loading and unloading. Everything went smoothly for just 2 people doing all the moving. We had a harrowing experience when we thought our couch wasn't going to fit into the new place, but a new neighbor walked by and shared the pro tip of how to get it up the stairs, around the column, and through the door. We had to call reinforcements. It required a little bit of Spiderman-esque building-climbing action. No joke.

Wednesday - I stood up in the morning and my calves screamed in agony. Apparently 23 is too old to move yourself. I'm never moving again. And isn't it amazing that even when you think you're done, you go back to the old place and somehow you still have 4 carloads of stuff that didn't fit in boxes/couldn't be packed? Did I mention I hate moving? In case anyone is wondering, this is my 13th move in my 23 years of life. So I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment.

I had to get as much unpacked as I could on Wednesday night, so after I worked on the boring stuff for a bit I just HAD to unpack some sewing stuff. Welcome to my new sewing space in the spare bedroom! I have grand plans, and will show a full set-up next week, but it made me happy to move a shelving unit I already owned and use it for fabric storage!

Thursday - Rushed to my parents in the morning to put a 3rd coat of sealant on my refinished coffee table and then headed out to chaperone my younger sister's high school newspaper field trip. I chaperoned a conference last year and am much more liked than a parent coming on a multi-day hotel conference field trip. So I was asked to this one! Thousands of high schoolers learning how to make journalism survive and thrive in this changing world. I haven't been asked why I'm skipping class yet [last year I was mistaken for a high schooler at least 5 times], so this year is a success. I won't be back home until Saturday evening. Also, I am tired.

Friday - FINALLY on the internet. Aka here. We didn't have it in the new place when I left, so I was jonesing for some regular internet-browsing. Sitting in the hotel lobby, watching kids scurry around, drinking the boldest coffee I could find, and desperately wanting some sleep. Also, my calves still hurt when I walk up the stairs. Wah.

This lengthy post all boils down to the fact that there will be no Sartorial Saturday this week because I haven't even been wearing photo-worthy store-bought clothes, much less making my own clothes. I won't have time to sew until next week, but I do have my very first fabric order coming to the new place, and I have a to-do list a mile long to share with you guys!

And now, the children are changing classes, and I have to make sure that nobody has died.


  1. I'm exhausted! :) Hopefully things can settle down from here on out.

  2. whew! well be glad the move is over and you can enjoy the unpacking and organizing.. once a lot of sleep it caught up on! can't wait to see the pictures :)

  3. Oh wow...I hope you get to rest soon! My husband and I have been married five years and have moved about 5 times, maybe 6...i'm losing count...and I think there will be another move within a year or so of our future. I hate moving. It's so draining and so much work!! I applaud you and am glad it seemed to go as well as it could go by moving standards of course.

  4. Wow what a lot of packing and unpacking! 13 times damn, are the houses really that bad =P
    I'll be waiting to see all the new reveals =D

  5. Just reading about your moving makes me anxious...Moving is the worst!! Glad you made it and excited to see how your sewing room comes along! :)


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