Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I find it very hard to come up with a title some days...

Happy Tuesday!

This morning I had a phone interview, in my pajamas! It was nice to be able to relax a bit more than with typical interviews.

Today's scandalous sewing room sneak peek:

I used to be a manager at The Limited a few years ago, but our store lost its lease with the mall and had to close. So I rescued a mannequin! She is a bit smaller than I am, but I was just able to take her out of storage [now that I have enough space for her in my sewing area!] so I have to figure out exactly how off she is in measurements from myself. She'll make for a nice decoration even if I don't use her regularly.

She also needs a name, so I'm open for suggestions!

And for the items going into the giveaway pile [read about the giveaway here!]:

My mom found these fabrics because she makes her own cards and shops with Stampin' Up. Apparently they now make fabrics. These are 3 sewing-themed extra-large fat quarters [18x28"]; I opened my package to take the photo, but the package for the winner will be sealed. My favorite is the little girls :) I think these would make a great sewing machine cover!

As for what I'm working on:

I had made this circle for Jessica's mini. And I don't like it. I like the concept, but I think the pieces need to be smaller for the look I'm envisioning. I might just change my pattern anyways, because she likes the llamas I just acquired.

And no pictures of it yet because it hasn't reached the interesting stage, but I've also been cutting fabrics for another wedding quilt for a friend. Her bridal shower is on the 20th, so I really need to have some dedicated sewing sessions later this week!

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  1. Wow some interesting things happening in your new sewing room.
    Hmm a name a name....I can't think of one right now..let me get back to you.
    How cool that they make their own fabric!
    Possibly smaller pieces with brighter prints? =D

  2. Llamas!! yesssss I'm so excited now, hehe :)
    Fun manequin...I wonder if there's a way to make it fit your measurements so you can use it more? I'm thinking duct tape...


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