Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Winners and WIPs

I am SO sorry for not posting the winner yesterday. I had a crazy day of back-to-back interviews for a job, teaching a friend to make a t-shirt quilt, and putt putt plans that got rained out and turned into a trip to a favorite bar.

So today we have our winner...

Lucky #14...

Sarah! She's so fun! Her blog is full of cross-stitchy goodness. And she's moved all over in the past year or so, and is now planning her 2nd wedding ceremony! She's just now becoming more acquainted with her sewing machine, so hopefully all this quilty stuff will help spur her on :) Sarah, I emailed you!

As for what I've been up to:

This is my friend Amanda working hard at the sewing machine. She was getting a little frustrated with sewing the jersey yesterday, and we discovered that she is not an accurate cutter at all, so I had to make her go back and fix all her t-shirt squares. I'm such a pushy quilt teacher ha! But she loved my suggestion that she turn the t-shirts into large polaroids, so I'm excited for the quilt to develop [bahahaha].

 Fantastic mail day! Cooking Light, which is a phenomenal magazine in my opinion; another triangle log cabin; fabric from The Intrepid Thread market sale [she apologized for having a computer printed message, how cute is that...and she included 2 charms!]

Today is rainy and dreary and I'm cutting more pieces out for my quilt. I made all the previous pieces smaller, and I picked up some more blue fabrics. It's so hard to find true blues! I can't decide if I want to use just 3 or 4 fabrics or continue with this scrappy version...

*Linked over at WIP Wednesday for the first time in a while! :)


  1. What great goodies! Hope to see more on the jersey quilt. =D

  2. I love the t-shirt quilt idea. Too bad all my kids' t-shirts are ripped and stained...
    I LOVE Cooking Light! I just got my copy in the mail the other day!

  3. You totally just completely made my day, I'll email back soonish. Looks like a great mail day. You should come to NZ and teach me to quilt hehe!!


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