Monday, May 7, 2012

Bees, New Sewing Rooms, and a Giveaway

Things are still crazy around here, but such is life!

Clockwise from top left: Charlotte @ twelfthzodiac, Katie @ thereandback, Heather @ Crafting..., and me!

My first 3 bee blocks were in my mailbox on Saturday when I got home from chaperoning. I like all of them more than I like my own original block. Of course!

While I plan to have them in a vertical line, I think a whole quilt of scrappy triangles like this would be super awesome.

I'm going to be doing a sneak peek tidbit of my sewing room every day this week, with a final picture on Friday. Because that's more fun for me. And because it coincides nicely with....

...a giveaway!

I will also be showing a giveaway item each day! It's all for one monster giveaway to celebrate me having a sewing room so I can shut the door and forget to eat and emerge a tired but happy quilter. The actual giveaway entry day will be Friday, so make sure you come back that day, and feel free to keep up with the items that will go to the winner :)

The laptop case is my favorite project from Quilts and More. Just to be clear, I only buy quilting magazines for inspiration, so these both have all the pattern pages still attached, and have just been thumbed through.

The Quilting Arts magazine is more like a special edition magazine that is sturdier. It's chock-full of projects, including these adorable house ornaments. I know that these were super popular this past Christmas around the interwebz.

These stockings were the reason I bought the magazine, and they were my first sewing project after I got my machine. Except I sewed them by hand. And made it all up as I went along.

Now, while I personally am starting to sew Christmas things, and so thought the magazine might be useful to those of you who are also getting a jump-start on Christmas sewing, there are plenty of projects that are not holiday themed, such as these placemats by Alissa.

Check back in tomorrow for more items to go into the giveaway box, the requirements for entering, and some little projects that I've been working on :)


  1. The bee blocks look SO awesome together! I was wondering if you'd received any of them yet, and looks like you're well on your way.

    I'll definitely be back for giveaway Friday!

  2. What a cute little arrangement on the wall! Can't wait to see the pictures all week.

    Those blocks are going to look awesome together!

  3. Those bee blocks look awesome! I'm so excited you have your own sewing room now. It is rather nice to be able to shut the door ;)

  4. The blocks look great all together! So great that you have your own sewing room!
    The magazines looks great. Are they only available in the US? =D

  5. Your bee blocks look great! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your new room!


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