Friday, June 1, 2012

Sort of Fresh Sewing Day

So I was planning on doing this whole round-up post on May for Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.

And then I looked through my pictures. And saw the small number of things that I created during the month of May. Yes, I made a quilt, but that's pretty much it. There were no small projects this month. And yes I made a dress, but I haven't shown that yet, and it's monsooning here in Florida so pictures will have to wait.

So instead, this is what I've been up to the past two days:

 Started my hexagon flowers for Chelsea for Don't Worry {bee} Happy.

 Finished the embroidery on the fabric for my pillow cover. Now to figure out if I just want a simple cover or maybe some piecing?

 Probably the weirdest sewing I'll ever old roommates are going on a month-long backpacking trip in Europe and they brought me sheets and wanted them sewn up sleeping-bag style so they don't have to ever touch the beds at the hostels they're staying at. So I sewed them some long skinny tubes and they tested them out last night when they came over for dinner. I couldn't even hold the camera steady because I was laughing too hard!

One completed tshirt quilt top! My friend Amanda is pleased as punch at this, but just said those all-too-familiar words today..."I don't want to give this away" because this is her first sewing experience. She doodled and wrote under each "photo" in true scrapbook style. But man, teaching her how to make this took twice as long as if I had made it. It's exhausting!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I'm waiting on word from a company that I interviewed with this week, so I'll be sewing up a storm to calm my nerves :)


  1. Your hexies are looking great so far! Is this your first time doing hexagons?

  2. Great fabric choices on the hexies!
    Whereabouts in Eurpope are you visiting?
    Awesome looking quilt top, great idea for the large Polaroids. =D


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