Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the process of quilting...

How do you choose your quilting design?

Do you draw on a picture of the quilt/block?

Do you use the quilt motifs that can be found in quilting programs to lay over your design?

Do you quilt what you know/are familiar with?

Do you practice on something else first? [I almost never do that because I have the patience of an ant. As you can clearly tell in the below picture of my remarkably imperfect pebbles]

How do you choose your quilting design?


  1. I definitely look at the design. Sometimes, it needs straight line quilting.
    Sometimes, I feel courageous enough to decide I'm going to do something else (like feathers/swirls) so I practice on a small piece of fabric and since it's obviously not perfect (since I never to that), I decide I can't make that on a whole quilt so I go back to meandering/straight line quilting and I feel bad.

    How do you do ?

  2. I base it on feasibility. :) Not a part of the quilt-making process in which I feel comfortable reaching for the stars quite yet!

    I can't imagine not doing a practice sandwich or five though. I get so nervous about the quilting part. Hopefully that will diminish as time goes on!

  3. I don't. I haven't gotten round to machine quilting yet. I quilt by hand and just go with the shapes or whatever I feel like at the time =D


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