Tuesday, June 19, 2012

PTS8 Progress

Oh hi!

First off, maybe you all can help me with something. Does anyone else think that the pancakes at Denny's taste like cookies?!

Phew, now that I've gotten that off my chest...

My Nautical Striped Skirt is being a bit of a contest floozie and has made it to finalist status over at the Summer Sewing Contest at Ellison Lane Quilts. Go vote in all the categories! There are some awesome, awesome projects to choose from!

I also did a lot of work on my Pillow Talk Swap pillow last night. A lot more than was necessary. Since I sewed 3 of the blocks together. And then I picked them apart. Ugh. I changed my process of construction up from my trial block to the ones I worked on last night. That was a mistake. It made pieces not line up just right, and that just won't do for something that's going to someone else!

But now it's sewn together, and I really like how it's evolved from my original idea to the finished pillow top:

 Design sketch in Paint and initial fabric pull

Trial block to even see if my templates that I made from my block drawing worked. This is when I added in the magenta, and I'm so glad I did...a great pop of color!

Mock-up in Paint by rotating the trial block

Finished top. I changed the corners out for solid gray because I thought it needed to be "floating" in a border.

After I cut out all the template pieces for the other blocks I made a paper pieced version in EQ5. Of course that would have made it simpler, but I stuck with the templates. Because I'm stubborn like that.

Today I'll be quilting this pillow top. I already definitely know how I'll be quilting the green section, and I'm just waiting for the other sections to show me what they want [you know, like how Michaelangelo always said that he was just uncovering what the marble was always supposed to be...not that I'm comparing myself to him, but I totally get his way of thinking...]

*Final thought - do you host your photos on your blog directly from Flickr or upload them in both places? Is it worth taking the time to do the code and not upload?

*Linked with Fabric Tuesday :)


  1. Congrats on being a finalist in the contest! Good luck Rebecca. :)

    Your pillow looks amazing.

    RE: flickr. I use it very little. For my blog, I upload photos directly from my computer. That way, if I re-organize my photo files on my computer, or even DELETE a photo from my computer, if it was already up on my blog it will stay there. If you link from flickr to your blog and then delete a photo from your flickr stream or move stuff around, the photo will disappear from your blog. For that reason, it's worth it to me to upload directly from my computer from blog purposes.

  2. I use Flickr because I ran out of space on blogger. I had no idea that there was a photo limit to Blogger but suddenly it wouldn't upload my photos because it said I had used my limit (ends up you have a limit for the number of photos over a certain file size). Now I use Flickr and I love it because it reminds me to upload to Flickr, something I often forget to do. I still host SOME photos just on my blog, but all the good ones of projects are from Flickr.

  3. I voted for you!!!

    The pillow looks awesome. I love that you came up with your own thing, and the magenta you added is great!

    I usually just upload both. But because I'm lazy and haven't bothered to try to link the two. Lemme know if you figure that out!

    I like where you're going with your quilting theory! The Swoon I'm almost done with told me it wants to be hand quilted, so that's what it shall get! I believe in fulfilling the fabrics dreams. Usually they've got pretty great ideas, even if it is sometimes a lot of work.

  4. Neat design. Love your fabric choices!

  5. Your pillow is going to be awesome!

    I upload everything to flickr and then use the code to put it on the blog. There's a limit to what blogger will hold, I know it's pretty big, but still, there's a limit. Also, I like that people are able to click my pictures to be taken to my flickr stream where they can see more. I upload EVERYTHING to flickr, although some photos are private, and delete them all from my computer where they take up a lot of space. It's much easier for me to have everything in one place.

  6. Congrats on the contest!! And that block is really amazing, you come up with such great designs!
    As for picture hosting, I mostly put mine up on Flickr and then use the code. Though I do not have flickr pro and I've been informed by Flickr that I can only have 200 "visible" and I'm about to hit that mark. ugh.

  7. Great looking block!

    I upload to Flickr sometimes for certain pictures. I try to make mosaics when I have a lot of pictures to upload. =D

  8. Congrats!!! :) Woo! I love your block. Also, sometimes I do flickr. I do it on a whim. It's honestly kind of annoying especially when I have a picture heavy post.

  9. fabulous block!! already voted for you! keep me in mind if you need some pattern testers (hint hint) :)

  10. I love those text fabrics! Such a cute skirt you made...adorable. I agree with Jennifer -- if you're looking for pattern testers, look for me too!


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