Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Race Against the Clock

Yesterday I received an email in the afternoon from my LQS saying that they needed a picture for their online class registration. Not a picture of me [eek, the horror!] but a picture of my class sample.

Which is all fine and dandy.

Except... I hadn't done anything but cut up the fabric.

I promise I wasn't putting it off, but I have a deadline of this weekend for 3 projects [some of which have to be mailed off for photographs], so I was really, really trying to finish those items up first.

I've set myself a very strict schedule for the next 2 weeks, since I have so many different projects and obligations around the Interwebz, so I was a little dismayed to have to abandon it and bump the class sample to the top of the list. In fairness, now I can halfway cross it off the list, which is nice.

I literally was racing against daylight by the end. I had to be able to send them a picture of the top before the day was done!

So hey, if you live in the Central Florida area and want to learn in person how to make log cabin triangles [click here for tutorial] and then turn them into a little hexagon table topper, just swing by The Sewing Studio and sign up :)

I promise I'm only a little bit of a dork in real life. Or a lot. Whatevs.

**Also, while taking pictures outside, I met my downstairs neighbor who just moved in. And uh, she's a clown! She goes all over the country and does clown stuff, although I'm not sure what is considered "clown stuff"...

Do you set a personal schedule for projects? Do you feel flustered if you have to abandon that schedule? Or are you more of a "sew what I want to work on that day" kind of person?


  1. Ah that would be so fun to take one of your classes!! I could totally make my way down there, I think those two you've got scheduled now are probably going to be bad timing for me though :( Rats. Maybe next time!

  2. Specilaly since i'm moving, i've definitely had a calendar with commitments that i'm keeping very close track of and getting done in order - I HATE when something like this happens and the upheaval set in! so cute though, great work!!

  3. Oh my goodness. I hope you never see your neighbor come home at night in full clown regalia. You'd never sleep again!

  4. I don't know that I've really had any deadlines for sewing except the self-imposed ones...and those are flexible. But once I get started on a project, I hate to leave it unfinished. And having to switch gears in the middle and move onto something else? I would be very flustered! Once I get in the "zone" I like to stay there until completion...only snack and sleeping breaks allowed!

    Love your table topper, by the way! The colors are prefect for summer!

  5. I wish I could come! It came out really cute and I love the fabrics you used :) and I'm definitely a "sew what I feel like" gal - and I love that, but yeah I hate deadlines :( like my wedding, which is fun to craft for, is a HUGE deadline that is very scary lol

  6. Looks gorgeous, I love the colours! I'm a sew when I have the time and inclination type person, at the moment anyway!


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