Friday, June 22, 2012

TGIF and a nap please.

I've been sewing almost non-stop all week.

Here's a breakdown of the last couple days:
Um, there's 4 flowers...I'm not sure what happened in this picture...

1. Got these hexie flowers out in the mail to Chelsea for the Don't Worry {bee} Happy group. These were my first hexies! I realized that I don't enjoy hand-stitching when I have a huge to-do list because all I'm thinking about is how I need to sew faster so that I can reach all my deadlines. Stressful. [I do enjoy it when I don't have deadlines though!] Go over to the Handmade Parade and see people who enjoy hand-stitching all the time!

2. Pieced and quilted my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap. Except I ran out of gray thread while pebbling [grrrrr!], so I have to get some more. I finished all the other quilting after this photo was taken. Finishing it up today and full reveal coming on Monday!

3. Piecing, photographing, quilting, photographing, writing, and sending a project that will be coming to a publication near you in the very near future ;)  Any guesses? And seriously, pattern-writing is kicking my butt.

4. Sketching, computer-graphicking [pretend it's a word, kthanks], cutting, embroidering, sewing, writing, and sending another project that has been sent off somewhere and will have to remain in radio internet silence for a few months [seriously, it's absolutely killing me because I'm just chuffed to bits about it. Also I'm chuffed to bits that I just got to say chuffed to bits. Which sounds weird if you say it too much. Like I just did. Don't be like me].

5. Learning EQ5 enough so that my Christmas in July tutorial is a nice-looking paper pieced pattern, instead of my charcoal-smudged paper. Oh, and sewing it all up. Here's the teeniest of sneaky peeks on my tutorial [I know, right, stupid sneak peek, you can't even tell what it is! :P]. Only about a week and a half until the merriment starts, yay!

And then there's these:

The piles of fabric that I picked and had cut at my LQS for the classes I'll be teaching in August. I have to make the store samples and have them back to the store by next week. Eeep! But on a happier note, I adore the stack of fabrics on the bottom. Seriously. Having full reign of a quilt shop to happily stack bolts on a counter until I got everything I wanted and then not having to pay for the fabric?! It was beautiful.

TGIF, friends! :) 

*Linked up to Pieceful Life!


  1. Love your hexies! Thanks for the link to the handmade parade, I am just starting an EPP and will link up there next week. Your top secret project looks like that awesome pillow in your header. Am I right? I'm chuffed to bits to see it! (Did I use that correctly?) Good luck with all your projects! Stay sane!

  2. Your hexies are gorgeous! I haven't tried them yet, but suspect the hand stitching might be too much for me (long to-do lists too!). Maybe enough for a small project though.

  3. Wow you have been busy! Loving those hexies!! =D

  4. Pulling all the bolts you want DOES sound wonderful! I think there was some kids show when I was young that involved a prize of running through a toy store and getting to grab everything you could in a minute or something like that. I guess this is the adult version. :)

  5. I'm so excited for you about your mystery projects!! Can't wait to hear what's going on. Also, free reign at a quilt shop AND not having to pay?! Totally jealous...


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