Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sewing room sneak peek #3

Welcome to another sneak peek of my sewing room and another giveaway item!

Today is all the good stuff:

This is an Expedit shelving unit from IKEA that I already owned and previously had it oriented the other way and used it in my bedroom as a bookcase. I decided to change things around when we moved to see if it could get better use in my sewing space.

From top left: Neutrals, warm colors, cool colors, basket o' patterns; batting and Insul-bright, quilting books and magazines, solids and collections that need to stay together, bucket o' big scraps; warm and cool small scraps, a project I'm currently working on, apparel fabric.

I do have the Lerberg shelf unit in white from IKEA [seriously, love that store!], but haven't opened it yet. You can't return items once they've been opened, even in the case of the furniture, so I want to make sure that I want to keep it. The idea was that we also really need a bookcase, and unless I found one that I liked then I'd find another shelving alternative for my sewing things and move the Expedit unit back in our room. I'm still debating...

Today's giveaway item [read all about giveaway week here]:

Two pieces of Insul-bright that are already cut to the perfect potholder size. I make potholders all the time to include in hostess gifts when I'm invited to dinners; it goes great with a matching apron or a small kitchen item. I know that many people make potholders without Insul-bright, but I like to feel confident when I give someone my handmade item that it won't ruin their table!

We're creeping ever closer to the big sewing room reveal on Friday :)


  1. I need to organize too! Looking forward to your giveaway :)

  2. Like the organisation! Think you can fly over and do mine too? =D


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