Friday, May 11, 2012

Sewing Room Final Reveal

My car's brakes failed.
I spent $1000 at the shop getting that and a number of other things fixed.
I bought $60 worth of beer.
Those things are not related.

But today is also the final reveal!

Without further ado, my sewing room:

 Traded out the shelving units and I like how this doesn't overpower the room.

 New formation of the triangles on the design wall and the template bulletin board on the closet wall. The closet that will NEVER be open, because it is like a vortex of death in there. Or something less dramatic. Also, pretend you can actually see the stuff in this photo. Thanks.

 Yay! The mask is from a friend who went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans a few years back. And as you can see, I dressed the mannequin with a bodice so she's not scandalous, and she's got some embroidery hoop neckwear.

 This has changed a bit from my previous picture. I installed a rod from IKEA and hung a cup and basket so that I can have the entire cutting mat free to work. I also put up some more happy wall art :) [Note to self: take better pictures.]

And because I forgot to turn the snowflake lights on previously...they're battery powered, which is convenient.

And the item's for today's addition to the giveaway:

I want to inspire people to venture into forms of sewing/craft that they may not have tried because they were scared or didn't want to spend money on something new. Therefore, we have a 6" embroidery hoop, linen Aida, embroidery floss [not necessarily the colors pictured], and my "fabric? must.stash" pattern [which will be emailed to you]. So you can get cross-stitching!

And for those of you who are scared of trying to sew clothing, I am also including a yard of this fabulously summer-friendly cotton lawn [I'm pretty sure it's lawn]. It's almost sheer, and would make a fabulous Colette Sorbetto! There will also be a vibrantly lime 14" zipper so if you've never made a zippered pouch then you can hop to it!

Giveaway closed; winner has been announced
To enter the giveaway for a box of all the items from this past week:
-Leave me a comment of the most ridiculous thing you've done for sewing [ie, bought the kids a trampoline just so that you could sew more often, pretended you were a linebacker at a LQS sale, or something like that]
-This is open internationally
-You can comment through Monday at midnight, which is May 14th. I will announce the winner on Tuesday [the random number generator will choose]
-Giveaway is void where prohibited

Hope you've enjoyed the small reveals all week, and good luck :)


  1. Your sewing room looks nice and bright and fun!

    I have only been sewing for a few months. Not much time to do anything too insane - YET! The dumbest thing so far is buy a $10 yard of fabric. I thought I needed sea turtle in an I spy quilt. If you ever need a sea turtle for an I spy quilt I know where you can get one!

  2. I have made a blanket for my cats to lay on while I try to cut. I have to cut my fabric in the floor and the cats think they have to lay on the fabric every time I lay it out. So I made a blanket for them that I lay out first to keep them off what I am working on. Oh and they have a box of scraps they like to sleep in. Spoiled? Why yes, yes they are. lol

  3. I always give my son tv time with mini m and ms to get a little sewing time. But usually my plan backfires when he comes to greet me with chocolatey sticky hands

  4. awe, glad to see your settling in! I like the investment in the beer.. the brakes.. ouch, we've all been there :(
    hm, craziest thing i've done.. i called in sick today? more for a mental health day but i spent the entire day trying to regain sanity by sewing? haha too young to have any un kid stories!

  5. I have managed to sew the same 2 pieces of fabric together about 4 different (wrong) ways before doing it right.... Nothing too crazy yet though.

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  7. Hmmm, crazy? Can't think of too much, other than sewing all day and waiting until the last 1/2 hour before I have to pick my kids up from school, then quickly tidying the house so it looks like I did something! (besides sewing, of course.) ;)

  8. The craziest thing for me was buying a Playstation 3 for my boyfriend to keep him occupied when I sew at nights / on weekends. The crazy part is that he plays more than I sew now :) I love your sewing room - you are so lucky to have a devoted space! You must be so happy!

  9. Your room looks great!! Hm. Craziest thing...nothing wild yet, I did stalk my LQS at their last sale just for a chance to dig into their scrap bins and make a scrap bag. They were doing demos and kept blocking the way...totally worth the wait though! Oh, and I sometimes convince my hubby that he needs something from the sporting store an hour away from us, just so I can sneak in a trip to the LQS down there.

  10. The sewing room looks fab! And I'm still in love with the fabric? must.stash.
    I think the craziest thing I've done was stay up all night before sewing summit tickets went live. I'd tried to go to bed at midnight with no luck so by three I decided it would be fine to stay up, buy tickets and then go into work and *then* sleep.

  11. Great job with the sewing room! The craziest thing I've done for sewing was take over the entire dining room for a month, so everyone had to eat at their studying tables because I had sewing-in-progress.

  12. I am a little jealous that you have a sewing room. I use the dining room. And I guess that is the craziest thing I have done... Our kitchen table is ALWAYS half full with my sewing stuff. Fabrics, my basket of other stuff, patterns, scraps. And my hubby doesn't complain, so long as he has a corner to eat off of :)

  13. Wow your sewing room is looking great. What a lot of things you've managed to fit in there (pretending to see the stuff) and still have space!

    The craziest thing I've done for sewing is- My father came in and asked me what I was ordering. He looked at the screen and asked me if it was for educational purposes. I said yes and clicked confirm payment! Then ordered some more stuff once he'd left the room =D

  14. The craziest thing? Probably that I regularly take up two entire rooms of the house with projects. Or, during finals week, when I took a trip to the quilt store to calm my nerves (dangerous). Another finals week, when I brought an entire handsewing projet back to campus (also dangerous).

  15. What a pain about the car! You're sewing room looks great though, I'm a little jealous. I have no idea what the craziest thing I've done for sewing is. . . . if I do something totally crazy i'll let you know!

  16. not much in the ridiculous/crazy end of the sewing scale....yet. although i did take a job at the Quilt Museum - so that feeds the insanity!

  17. Love the sewing room! Wish I had one, I just sew in the lounge! The craziest thing so far is probably buying my bf computer games to keep him occupied so I can sew more! haha. Not too crazy but I'm sure there will be more too come!

  18. For me it's probably just taking a really long time to finish projects. Years sometimes. Not exactly crazy but something I would like to change.

  19. Your sewing room looks fabulous! I really need to get mine organized... The most ridiculous thing I've done for sewing is... I got the Sewing for Boys book and the first project I did was the most advanced in the book. I picked the Henry Shirt. I've never sewn a collar on a shirt either. Well it's been a challenge with much frustration... It's almost done, but been many months. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the month. :)

  20. Okay...when are you renting space in your sewing room?!? Looks wonderful and inviting! I have a sewing ritual. Whenever I finish a project, I have to completely spruce up the workroom -- everything in its place, cleared cutting table, oiled sewing machine -- the works, before I seem able to start another project. I have actually heard that many others end up doing the same thing, though none of us plan to do it!


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