Saturday, May 26, 2012

Please bear with me, and feedback please

I'm trying to change some things around on here, including the template. However, I'm not the best example of the younger generation being great with technology. So if things are confusing for the next few days, I apologize, I'm probably more frustrated about it then you are :)

So as I'm trying to make this template into what I want I have a few questions. I'd really appreciate if you could just answer them in the comments!

1. Do you usually read your blog posts in some sort of blog reader [ie, Google Reader]?
2. If a blog has a "Read More..." function do you normally click it to get the rest of the post or does that tend to dissuade you from reading their blog?
3. Have you ever clicked on the tags at the bottom of a post to find more posts from that author on HSTs for instance?

Thank you sooo much! :) 

Edited to add: I've been working for a couple hours, changed things around a couple times, and my brain hurts now. Feel free to click over from your Reader and tell me what you think so far. I really like blogs with very simple looks, so that way you can focus on the posts, so that's what I'm going for. Now I need to leave the Interwebz before my head explodes. 

Edited again to add: I went through all my posts and added labels to them, so you can see that on the sidebar if you're looking to find something specific :)


  1. I read posts usually through google reader. It depends on if I am going to click the read more button. I am annoyed at posts that don't show fully in reader, but the read more ones do, I think... Does that make sense? I don't usually click on te tags, if I am looking for something specific from that website I look for a search bar, and get depressed when there isn't one. :)

  2. 1. I am a Google Reader user... just clicked over here from there.
    2. "Read more" is incredibly irritating. Sometimes there's only a phrase or two, and based on that, I have to figure out if I want to click out. I usually don't. I also end up eventually deleting most "read more" blogs from my Reader... there's only a couple that are SO good I won't lose them.
    3. I definitely have clicked on those tags before!

  3. I love the new banner! Things are looking great so far, I'd say!
    To answer your questions...
    1. I use Blogger which shows a preview, then I click over from there to read the post
    2. I prefer to not have to click "read more" once I'm on someone's blog, but I don't think it typically disuades me
    3. I sometimes click the tags, but I also really like the sites that have a lot of tutorials if they have a tab at the top that takes you to another page to list all of them. That way you don't have to go hunting through a bunch of different posts to find the one you're looking for. Also, I have seen some sites where they have another tab for finished projects or something like that which can be nice to peruse :)

  4. Great new banner!
    1. I use blogger and go from the post I read last to the newest one.
    2. I like to read blog posts from start to finish. If there is a read more then I read more. Some posts can be longer. If I have to use it I put why and people can decided from there.
    I sometimes click tags If I see something I haven't read before =D

    I'm hosting a new swap over at my blog if anyone is interested please pop over for a look =D

  5. Awesome new banner, your blog looks awesome! I use google reader and absolutely hate the "read more" thing. I actually end up unsubscribing to those blogs. Mostly because I generally read on my phone and my phone doesn't like me to click links. Sometimes I click the tags if it's a new-to-me blog, it always helps me find interesting stuff :-)

  6. Love your new banner and the tabs! It looks very clean and fresh.

    1. I use google reader and click through to comment
    2. Yep it totally puts me off. If I really like the blog I'll read more but if it's a new blog I've just come across it often puts me off reading the rest of it
    3. Yep all the time.

    Hope that helps :)

  7. Ha! I clicked through to answer, but Sarah already gave my answers to all three! But to elaborate on number two, if it's a snippet in under feed reader I'll get annoyed generally, but if it's a super-long post and you put, say, the second dozen photos after the jump, I don't mind. And, as just happened, if you want me to click over from my google reader, ask a question! :)

  8. 1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Yes
    I like simple layouts too!

  9. I will sometimes click on "read more" links... but only if there was enough before the jump to reel me in, usually, there is not.
    I love tags. I can usually remember which blog I've seen something on, but I reply on tags to help me find it. It's super frustrating when I know there is something there, but I can't find it. (Love 'search' for this too)

    Good luck! I feel your pain.

  10. read in Google Reader, much prefer the full posts because I read a lot on my phone and tablet at lunch time or while in bed rather than get on the laptop, just makes it easier!

  11. Read in google reader.
    Like full posts
    Yes I click on tags


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