Friday, March 9, 2012

A letter to me

First off, thanks to Jenn over at Knotted Thread for making me her featured follower today! So go check it out :) And all her cool projects!

On to my letter...

Dear Rebecca,

Congrats on trying the Schoolhouse Tunic again. Good for you for jumping right into it after the last one was a smidge too small. You cut out those pattern pieces like right away. And then you let it sit for over a month. What's up with that? At least you decided yesterday to sew it up, because you had nothing else to do, no other projects started, and you thought it might be cool to wear something handmade on your birthday.
Thanks to the comments from last time you took some of the advice given and just used a 1/4" seam instead of the 5/8" listed in the pattern, so as to make it a bit bigger without having to go up a pattern size.
But uh, not so good on your part to not read the pattern all the way through before you started. Who even knows what was on your mind yesterday because you messed up a LOT. It probably should have taken you about 2.5 hours to sew this up [because you're slow/still new at clothing-making], but instead it took you almost 4. Focus, girl!

Like that time right there? When you sewed the sleeve on the wrong way. And the couple times you didn't even realize you had messed up until you had sewn the seam AND zig-zagged it? Bah!

But you finished.

And then you tried it on.
And it was too big.
Cue the laughter now. *EDIT: Does anyone know if this is just what it's supposed to look like? Like I'm 20 lbs heavier / trying to hide a pregnancy? I did wear it yesterday and it was now I'm unsure...

Note to self: make notes in the pattern so you remember what to do and what not to do the next time around. Because Rebecca, if nothing else, you are stubborn to a tee, and will make this damn shirt until you get it just right.

 Your concerned and caring self

About the pattern: I altered the neckline so that it is lower and more rounded, because my neck is a little claustrophobic [true story] and I did not put elastic in the sleeves. I instead hemmed them and turned them to the outside so that there is a little bit of interest in the sleeves. I'm debating putting in buttons at the neckline once I size it down. 

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  1. Third time is the charm?! I think it looks fabulous and you are very brave for making clothes. I stick to quilts because they're usually one-size-fits-all!

  2. Clothes are tricky but you will like wearing this shirt once you get it! Good for you for sticking with it!

  3. At least you can laugh and move on---clothes are not my forte either!

  4. LoL You are too cute! I love your determination, and it's easier to make something smaller than bigger. Hang in there -- you'll get it! :)

  5. It's always great to make mistakes! That way you learn from them and remember what not to do next time.....unless you have bad memory and repeat the same mistake =D

  6. I love this tunic! I think the back looks great. Its one I've got on my list to make.

    And, I LOVE the quilt in your header! One of my favorite fabric lines! Is it a tossed 9 patch?


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