Friday, March 30, 2012


Ok, so this is more clothing. The quilter in me is crying a little bit. But the part of me that needs clothes to wear is cheering. We're all over the place around here.

I made a Sorbetto last night/this morning. I'm all about free patterns! The fabric I used was in the red tag section at Joann's; $7 for the yard I bought, plus an extra 20% off...$5.30 for a shirt? Not too shabby.

I printed out the pattern pieces the other night, using some really nice paper that was already printed on one side [recycle, people!]. I've read that Colette patterns run snug, and I was originally going to cut a size 2, but got nervous and cut a size 4. Mistake. That thing was huge. I also added 4 inches to the hem because based on the pictures in the Colette Flickr group the shirt also runs short. 

Yes, I sewed in my pajamas all day
So this shirt would have only taken me about an hour[ish] to sew up since I omitted the pleat, but I had some fitting issues. I hope this is due to what I believe was a shirt cut too large, and not inherent in the pattern on my body. Look at that back puff? If that's not the most attractive thing you've ever seen, then I tip my hat to you. Just kidding...

These were taken at about 10:30 pm when my boyfriend got home and I begged for his assistance using my best crazy sewist eyes puppydog eyes. I needed his help pinning out the extra fabric to make some vertical back darts. Now, this is my 3rd completed shirt, and 4th shirt that I've worked on, so you Internet peeps know the extent of my apparel knowledge. Aka, no knowledge. But it just made sense to do that, and I checked out a shirt that I own from H&M and sort of tried to replicate those back darts. 

The pins mark where the most fabric is gathered, and then I just tapered the darts up and down from there. And in my most humble voice, they look awesome.

You can see the vertical darts here. I promise they're even!
Hey, it's a tank! It's still a little big around the neckline and shoulders, causing it to slip around a little, leaving some extra fabric at the back if it's not on straight. And it wrinkles like a bitch.

But it's ok, because then I get dressed up like this:
And feel perfectly happy with my efforts.

Now I just have to determine how to attach this vintage trim to the neckline [which is stitched down, so I can wear the tank in the meantime] and I'll be all set!

I'm linked up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Up Friday and Amylouwho for Sew and Tell!

Oh, and I got all my squares cut, and have dedicated this weekend to quilting. I'm excited to sew something that will fit, no matter what size I make it ;)


  1. *wipes tear from eye* How you make me laugh! On day you'll follow the pattern exactly and not have to take anything in at all!! Maybe some hemming web/fusible web? Will save you sewing it on...=D

  2. This looks great! I like the idea of the lace, and I enjoy that this can be dressed up or dressed down...well done my friend.

  3. Frustrating, isn't it, when you make something and then it doesn't fit?! But great job on adjusting it! It looks very nice! I like the trim... it should dress it up a lot!

  4. It looks awesome! I'm jealous of your clothing-sewing skills (for real)!

  5. Thatlooks great. I would try some 1/4 inch Steam A Seam, which is exactly what it soundly like, double sided sticky tape that is heat activated for fabric that will hold two fabrics together. Then, once you have it exactly where you want it you could go over it with an your machine or you could hand stitch it in place.

  6. It looks fantastic! Great job! You always find a way to alter things that aren't quite right and see it through to the end. I admire your determination!


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