Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Swaps and Birthday-palooza

I was floored by my For the Love of Solids package. Susan didn't post any sneak pictures in the photo pool, so I had never seen a bit of what I opened.

Susan wrote me a very touching note as well; she mentions that she looked through my blog and Flickr to find designs that I'd love, despite her own trepidations at some of the pieces. It totally shows, and I totally love it all!

I also got buttons and sewing machine needles; I plan to use some of the buttons for this shirt pattern, which came in the mail the same day! The colors of the triangle mini are true in this picture as compared to the one above, and you can see Susan's beautiful quilting

And this is the back of the runner! Or the front? Because seriously, just as beautiful, and I love green just as much. Although it's more of a kelly green...my picture-taking skills were clearly very off that day.

Susan, if you happen to read this, I just wanted to say another thank-you. I greatly appreciate you putting together such a beautiful package in spite of the great personal tragedy that you mentioned. I was very touched.

Since it was my birthday, I picked up a few fun things! :) I got this rayon challis and this netted knit to make some Banksia shirts. One of my favorite things already in this pattern is that Megan Nielsen includes additional ways you can make the shirt. [Side note: do you guys care about hearing about my clothing-making or should I stick with quilting?]

One yard cuts of the only Flea Market Fancy print that I really like. The colors are more muted than I thought they would be, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased.

A big fabric.com purchase! From the top down: Outfoxed, Washi, Washi, Kitchy Kitchen, Metro Living, Children at Play, Heirloom, Heirloom, Outfoxed, California Girl, Farm Fresh, Farm Fresh.

I really tried to fill some voids in my stash with this purchase, and I'm very pleased with the colors they really are in person!

Tomorrow I'll show you the start of a new project with some of these new additions :)


  1. tell us everything, quilting clothing if its sewn share it!!! Love the shirt pattern! You're so lucky receiving such a great package! Love those fabrics...don't forget our deal =P

  2. What a great swap gift! (Is it called a gift...?) I might come steal your new fabric stash additions, so pretty! I've actually been eye balling heirloom for a while now, and was THIS close to getting a half yard bundle of it the other day but just can't justify it not knowing what I can make with it yet...dang...
    Oh, and I enjoy reading about other non-quilty things also.

  3. I love hearing about the clothing - definitely something i'd like to try and it's great to see the projects! :)


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