Sunday, March 4, 2012

Modern Mini Challenge

The Modern Mini Challenge is hosted by Jennifer over at Ellison Lane Quilts, and as soon as she announced it I knew I'd be participating. I've only made one other mini wall quilt [for myself, I've made others that have been given away], and it was just recently for the Tangerine Tango Challenge. I guess I'm all about the challenges lately?

Well I plum ran out of time to make the mini I had planned. Which I will still be making. But later.

So lately much of my thoughts and sewing time have been consumed by my pillow for round 7 of the Pillow Talk Swap. So I emailed Jennifer and asked if pillows counted, and she said sure why not, they're still mini! Yay! [And if I'm being honest, I've made this into a pillow, but if I were keeping it for myself then it would just exist on my wall, so that no crumbs or boy germs would get on it! Maybe my partner won't like it ;) ]

So I present to you:

"Twirling Clamshells"
Size: 20" square

The clamshells are made of 54 different blue, green, gray, and a single yellow fabric[s]. There are 18 clamshells total, and the hardest part about this was trimming it down into a square. I don't think I breathed the entire time I was cutting!

I also had a really difficult time quilting this. Or rather, deciding how to quilt. I thought I had the coolest idea when I decided to use a tracing wheel to trace out my clamshell template and quilt those shapes over the borders. But I hated how it looked, so I ripped it out after I did a side.

The center has to be the focal point, of course, with all that fabric deliciousness happening, so I kept it simple with straight-line quilting in the gray. And then I tried out several more quilting ideas. And then I spent over an hour ripping it all out. Finally I decided to do some free motion triangles in the top portion of the clamshell and pebble quilting in the next portion.

I'm utterly pleased with how this turned out [actually, I'm a little terrified that the quilting ruined the great piecing design], and both happy and sad to send it off to my partner in a few days. After it sits next to my sewing machine for a bit :)

Ps, I finished this at night so had to wait until this morning to take a picture. Well, I woke up to freezing rain, so I got soaked, and the pictures aren't even good because of the terrible lighting out. Figures!

And now I'm off to a wedding! :)


  1. Your right, the fabrics look delicious

  2. love love love the way it turned out!! You always have the most creative designs

  3. Love the colors in your twirling clamshells.

  4. Rebecca, I found you through the Scrap Attack and I love your blog! These mini quilts are fabulous. I too am self taught, but haven't ventured as far as you. Curves scare me. :)

  5. This is awesome!! Perfect colors!

  6. Gorgeous - love the curvy design and the quilting is beautiful!

  7. This is just gorgeous! Is this entirely pieced? Not appliqued, right? Is there a pattern or did you blog about it more, somewhere that I missed?


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