Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New projects are underway!

Have you ever checked out what stuff of yours is Pinned? I don't have a Pinterest, but have been known to browse, especially for recipes.

Well, if you enter http://pinterest.com/source/sewfestivehandmade.blogspot.com/ you can see all the items that have been pinned from my blog by Pinterest members. Obviously, you can just replace my blog with your blog address to see if anyone has pinned your stuff.

I admit, it tickles me to know that people have pinned my creations, and it's cool to be on a pin board under "inspiration" with people that I consider to be the "big names" in the online quilting world.

So yes. I am lame. :P

And on to the sewing!

Sneak peek of my next project. Except both polka dot fabrics won't be next to each other. Just for these illustration purposes. I'm excited! :)

*Linked up with Quilt Story and Sew Happy Geek so go browse both places if you have some time!


  1. I had no idea I had any quilts on Pinterest until you showed me know to search. Thanks!

  2. Looks like a great new project!!

  3. My search returned 0 results! must try harder! Thanks for the tip though :o)


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