Thursday, March 22, 2012

Utter Failure

I've never had to scrap a quilting project. I never use patterns, so if something gets cut wrong or is a little off from what I imagined then I just make it work.

But um, this first Banksia attempt is going in the trash [actually, I don't want to just throw away good fabric...what can I do with pieces of rayon?]

My bust darts looked so good after I sewed them. Except they weren't even. So um, unless my bosoms aren't even...that ain't gonna work.

Then I scrapped the front and back of the top because there were so many other problems due to shifting of the silky rayon while I was cutting. After browsing the Internet [I would have never been able to sew if the Internet wasn't around!] I'm going to layer the rayon between paper for my next cutting attempt.

Back to quilting for the night, because cotton squares aren't as finicky as shirt-shaped rayon.


  1. oh dear! Glad the internet helped you to be able to fix it!

    I've nominated you for an award please head over to my blog for the details =D

  2. This is why I haven't tried to make any clothing yet, because it's a lot harder to "just make it work" when something goes wrong, and with me..well something ALWAYS goes wrong, lol.


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