Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My name is Rebecca and I love fabric.

I recently ordered some fabric from Hancock's of Paducah. They were all fabrics listed in their web sales, and I was really excited to get some large quantities of fabrics that I really needed for a couple projects.

2 yards of this Etchings architecture/blueprint that I'm using as a backing on a friend's quilt [she was an architecture major...ah, I kill myself with my cleverness haha] and a yard of this Ruby to use for my other friend's quilt because I was 10 charms short.


I also ordered 1.5 yards of the Children at Play print that has the little boys playing with the rockets. In navy. Because I love it, and so does my friend Kelly, so I wanted to incorporate a lot of it into her quilt.

I was pleased that I was getting 4.5 yards of fabric at about $6 a yard, so that made up for the $5.95 shipping costs [I usually only buy online if I get free shipping].

Except, Hancock's emailed me a day after I placed my order to say that the Children at Play print was back ordered and would be coming in a later shipment. That was fine with me, although I would have been watching to make sure I didn't get charged a second shipping fee.

Well then they emailed me yesterday to say that they were cancelling my order of Children at Play because they actually didn't have any. So this leads me to several thoughts...

1. Why was I allowed to place an order if they didn't have enough fabric?
2. Why was it first on back order and then just...not...? I wouldn't have minded waiting another week for the fabric.

So now I'm bummed. That Children at Play fabric was why I decided to place the order to begin with.

Must go sew away my sorrows!


  1. I have noticed that on some sites. The item is in stock so you buy it. Then when you place the order and pay..they email you to say its no longer in stock!! Such poor stock updating

  2. that happens a lot to me with, but i'm still an avid shopper with them because of their free shipping over $35

  3. That happened to me just recently at Hancocks of Paducah as well. I ordered 9 yards of clearance fabric for backing and about 2 weeks later I'm starting to wonder where my fabric is! I called them and they told me they were out of stock. Not a very good first impression.

  4. That ALSO happened to me w/ Hancocks, but not recently. I just got an order with everything (including natural colored muslin, thanks to you!)


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