Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Week 2!

There is so much in progress happening around here, and not as much finished.


Today has been spent trying to finish up several things that need pieced, and tomorrow is an entirely free day [!] that I have already scheduled myself to quilt the heck out of some projects. My Friday also happens to be free [is this starting to sound like the calm before the storm, or what?!] and will be spent binding.

1. SuperSwoon - finish piecing front; back is all ready to go
2. SewHappyGeek Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap - this little [ok, actually pretty big!] guy needs a backing, which will be pieced from random green pieces in my stash/scrap bin.
3. Retro Christmas table topper - um, I'm making up how to do Y-seams as I go along here, and I only have 3 left!
4. Moose pillow - I actually don't plan on finishing this by the weekend because I plan to cover up my mismatching plaid down there with an appliqued circle/square that says "Merry Christmoose!" :)

5. California Dreamin' top - I have a flannel backing that just needs one strip pieced onto it, and then this lady will be ready for quilting of an as-of-yet unknown design. There's actually now a white border on the sides of the top to make it a bit wider.
6. Jovial table runner - I think I'm going to stick with straight-line quilting for this
7. Bookshelf wall hanging [based off the mini quilt by Don't Call Me Betsy, although I didn't use her tutorial and I added the bookends]
8. Sawtooth star hot pad - love small projects that are quick to quilt!

9. Christmas tree skirt - Make ties for, and bind. The binding is even already made.
10. Oven mitts - I have 2 pairs that are quilted and ready to just have all the parts sewn together and then binding around the cuffs
11. Stocking - I have one quilted stocking body, and one finished-with-pom-poms cuff, but unfortunately they don't fit together. Easy to remedy, but I just have to actually do it. 

Ew, 11 projects in the works? I'm tired just thinking about it. But hey, I'm interested to see if the idea of just doing all of one part of the process on my projects per day will work out better than my current lack of a plan. I guess we will find out when [or if I can!] I link up on Friday over at Amanda Jean's celebration of finishes.

So anyways, go check out all the other links at Lee's! Sometimes clicking through  makes me feel better [like when people have more WIPs than me], but it can backfire too [like when people have finishes listed and I don't].

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