Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Let's give this a shot!


My name is Rebecca. Now that we know each other, I figure I can tell you what I'm all about :)

I quilt. I'm also 22. Those two facts are usually mutually exclusive [look, Mom,college paid off!]. 

Facts about me:
-I've taught myself to sew. With the help of a healthy dose of swear words and intense trial and error.
-I've wanted to quilt since middle school [who does that?!]
-Like many people, I've never completed my first real quilting project [a set of placemats]
-I took an almost-two-year break from sewing after I figured out how to do it

-I sewed those stockings completely by hand in 2010 because I had a fireplace and wanted them, but was still a little scared of the sewing machine
-This past spring I discovered quilting blogs. And fell in love. And felt inspired. And pushed past my fear. I spent hours reading to the beginning of my favorite blogs. Rachel at Stitched in Color and Jeni at In Color Order were the first blogs that I visited every day to see if they had posted something [this was also before I started using Google Reader].
-I live in Orlando, Florida
-I might be about 30 minutes away from Mickey Mouse, but I am way more than 30 minutes away from any quilt shops carrying modern fabric. For being a supposedly big place, there is a serious lack of modern quilting in Orlando.
-In exactly one month from today I have a booth at my very first craft fair in my town, which saw about 65,000 people at it last year. I'm scared. And excited.
-I don't know a single person who sews [outside of sewing the occasional button back on clothing] or quilts :(

Sew Festive is my name for the craft fair, so I figure I might as well be consistent. I'm hoping to get some quilty friends, at least on the Internet, since it doesn't seem to be happening in real life. I'm hoping to keep track of the things I make for the fair, and talk about this hobby of mine that makes me so happy.


  1. Wonderful!!!
    Welcome to the world of quilting. My mom did patch work when i was a kid - but that was only from scraps and nothing like what's being patched these days.
    i dabbled in it for years, but REALLY got into it a couple of years ago, when i discovered the blogging world.
    it is truly amazing how much you can learn from it, and how generous the creators are out there to help you with any and all questions..
    it's only the beginning...... and there's no stopping you!!!
    22 WoW... i always smirk when people tell me..their grandma used to do patchwork..... hahah ....and i'm in my 50's..
    you go girl!!!

  2. I loved your words, I congratulate you to encourage you to sew.

  3. Hello there!! I just discovered your blog through your comment at Whipstitch about being a UF alum, I currently live just above Gainesville so I thought I'd pop by. Although I am totally a Nole, I can forgive you since I also love sewing, am in my 20's and also don't know anyone else near me that does! Anyway, all your projects on here look amazing! If you ever do a craft fair near Gainesville I'd love to come see your booth! :) I started a blog a few weeks ago as well, so if you have time, come on by!

  4. I am so impressed by you! I read through your whole blog and I'm going to add you to my google reader because I don't want to miss out on what you have to share!


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