Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Labeling your creations is so important!

One of the most important things I learned from reading various blogs is to label your quilts. So I had the luxury of knowing that from the get-go, and I knew I wanted to label all of my creations, not just my quilts.

So I headed to Etsy [um, yes, I have been known to browse the time-suck that is Etsy. Don't even get me started on Pinterest]. I needed something that fit a grad student budget. Sadly, I didn't find any free labels, so I settled for ones that are an excellent value. 

I had downloaded some fonts I really liked and played with colors to make the logo that is on my labels, so I needed a shop that was willing to accept an image file from me instead of using an already-created one. Inked Papers was the clear winner. I contacted the shop owner, Michelle, and told her what I needed and she totally worked with me and then sent me a proof of the final sizing of the labels. I got a spool of 1/2" twill tape in white, and I chose to have my name in a 2.5" repeat, giving me a some space on the sides for seam allowance.

Sorry for the bad cell phone picture at night, but I was too excited when I got the mail to wait for daylight. I estimate that I got approximately 60 labels, and it was $20, including shipping, and including all the help I got from Michelle. Fantastic! 

[Uhm, please ignore the threads and sister was taking photos and then when I was reviewing them I asked her why she left it there, and her response was "Oh I thought it was a hole." My response "You thought it was a hole and weren't going to point that out to me? That's worse!" Oh, 17-year-olds.]
But anyways, I've washed this quilt and there has been no color fade yet. I plan on washing some other things a couple more times to test the labels out. I'm very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend Inked Papers if you're looking for labels. [And no, I don't know Michelle, nor was I asked to say this.]

Happy sewing :)

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