Sunday, October 30, 2011

The One with The Plan

Having a day specifically for each part of the process last week really helped me. For reasons unbeknown to me.

So that's The Plan this time around too!

Sunday [aka today]: piecing a bunch of pillows and stockings
Monday: quilting those pillows and stockings and the table runner I didn't get to last week
Tuesday: binding, etc. I actually have a photo session set up with my sister on Tuesday night, so I need to have all this stuff done so she can take the nice pictures!

So before I go off to my stack of squares and HSTs for the day, I'll leave you with one thought.

Squaring up blocks is my least favorite part of the process. Even worse than the original cutting. But I do think that the little snips looks prettier when its the edge of a charm square and is pinked :)

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