Thursday, October 27, 2011

The One Where I Quilted All Day

This has been my view today! My first big-time attempt at FMQ. And I must say, its going swimmingly. My stitch length is generally uniform, although it does get a little long when I have trouble gripping the quilt. It took me about an hour to do 1/3 of the quilt. Although I was watching Mulan while I quilted, so that might have slowed me down. It's harder to gustily sing along and pay attention to quilting than you might think! :)

Having one focus for the day [quilting several projects] has actually been pretty helpful. I think because it allows me to be in a single mindset versus having to think about the mathematical/precision side of piecing and then move to the more creative aspect of quilting.

Bookshelf wall hanging - quilted
Sawtooth star hotpad - quilted
California Dreamin' quilt - in progress [I plan on finishing after dinner!]

^Favorite moment of the day: my boyfriend Stephen pulled some cash out of his pocket and told me to buy myself an iced coffee from Starbucks because he knows I love it! Quilting makes a girl thirsty :)

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