Monday, October 31, 2011

The One with my First Swap!

Jenna over at Sew Happy Geek graciously hosted a Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap. It was great of her to allow participants to choose their swap item, as I often sew on my dining room table, and so would prefer a wall hanging.

I'm actually planning on quilting and binding my partner's item in a couple days, but I was lucky enough to already receive my item! It was perfect timing too, because I had a really bad day on Friday and then Friday night I got that key in my apartment mailbox that means there is a package. That's like extra suspense in packages which is pretty cool. And I didn't expect my swap package at all!

Dawn did a FANTASTIC job. I specified in my mosaic that I love blues and greens and HSTs and designs that showcase great quilting and Dawn totally delivered and then some! Plus I had put up a picture of this weird indent in my wall near my front door that I had planned to hang my item, and she totally took that into consideration.

Plus she included a sweet handwritten note, a matching journal [that I've already used yay!] and a package of the most adorable cupcake cards :)

This was my first swap and I could not be happier, and am so excited to participate in more!!

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